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GOTSMOK.COM started with a realization. Ubersole bought me my first e-cig setup as a Christmas gift a little over 2 years ago. With it, I was able to quit analogs in just a few days. When I saw how easy it was for me to quit, I knew that everyone who smokes should try e-cigs if they ever thought of quitting. So I started GOTSMOK.COM. My first and only goal was to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to afford the switch to vaping. Within the first week… we had a few hundred views. Within the first month… we had a few thousand views. And here we are 2 years later with about 18,000,000 views. It’s easy to say that the site grew faster than I could have even imagined.

Well, it’s only fitting that the site known to have THE BEST VAPE DEALS should have a domain that matches. As you probably noticed… GOTSMOK.COM has found a new home at VAPE DEALS. Makes sense right? =) But that’s not it. We have also upgraded to our own VPS. This will allow VAPE.DEALS to run faster. Even with more people viewing the site. Not only that. We have also upgraded/updated our theme to run faster. Alot faster! GOTSMOK.COM’s google pagespeed insights score was a meager 62/100. VAPE.DEALS pagespeed insights score… 91/100!

Don’t get it twisted… even with the new VAPE DEALS domain, new VPS & upgraded theme… we are still the same GOTSMOK community. We will still provide THE BEST VAPE DEALS. We will still run giveaways as a way to to give back and thank our community. And we will still make it our goal to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to afford the switch to vaping!

Thank you for all your support in the past. And, we look forward to a brighter future with VAPE.DEALS.

Mark ( admin)

  • porkchopbun

    Keep it good work guys, much appreciated.

    • Thanks porkchopbun… the appreciation is much appreciated. =)

  • Matt Dyer

    Moving on up. Congratulations guys. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Matt. This site is definitely a lot of work. But the fact that we’ve had 18,000,000+ chances to help people get off analogs is definitely motivation to keep it going full force.

      • Kemosabe

        Congrats on 18M visits! I think you’re now the top viewed vape deal blog Thanks for all the money you’ve saved me though the years! =)

      • Man Kemosabe… thank you for all the support. It’s been a long journey to get to this point. And I have a feeling that it’s just getting started. =)

      • Kemosabe

        I have that feeling too! My pleasure to support ma man. You freakin rock

  • Cathy N

    Love your daily info. You have saved me a lot of $. Congrats on the new home and please keep up the great service to all vapers everywhere!

    • Thanks Cathy… glad we could help. =)

  • Evilbeast

    I’m kinda of confused..? Is it still going to be run by the same people? Any reason in particular you didn’t keep the same name but still make the changes you have made the interface? Has ownership changed hands? Just curious. But anyways…

    Congratulations on your continued success you guys defintily deserve it! and Thank you for the money you saved me and all the cool stuff you guys have showed me! I can’t wait to see what you guys bring to the table in 2015!

    • Still run by the same people. You don’t even know how many people have asked why “GOTSMOK” when it’s about vapor. Well, we finally secured a domain that was worth transferring to… VAPE.DEALS. And with switching domains… we might as well update the server and theme as well to make it run a lot faster.

  • brian weese

    Congratulations! And thanks for all of the great deals!

  • WillH

    You guys have helped me out a lot shopping online. Keep up the good work! Love!

  • Juice

    Man oh Man !! You guys growing only makes it better for the Vape.Deals community and also pushes everybody else in our community to bring their A game…glad to see another milestone…keep pushin

    • Gotta mix it up from time to time. =)

  • I thought so too Cosmia. =) Thanks for all the support.

  • Eric Johnson

    Congrats on the new site! I love the new look.

    • Thanks Eric, I thought we would make it a little more easier on the eyes. =)

  • Raymond Gervais

    Thanks for everything y’all have done and will continue to do for us vapers!!!!

    • It can’t be done without the whole community Raymond. =) But, we appreciate the love and support.

  • Steven

    hmm, understand dropping the Smok, and changing to Vape, but feel GOTVAPE would of been a better choice than Vapedeals. Just saying. lol. My first reaction upon receiving an email from vapedeals was, who the frak is this and how’d they get my email. but hey, figured it out. Oh, and just realized your initials are V.D. now. hmmm oh well, will still stop by.

    • I’m pretty sure I would get a short as sweet c&d letter from & if we did that. Lol.

  • Thanks Grady. Will do re pop-ups.


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