Vapehead Titan MOD Clone (EHPro Cronus) $52.24

Here’s the Vapehead Titan MOD clone that I’ve been waiting for. Introducing the EHPro Cronus. A simple yet hard-hitting mechanical MOD! It features stainless steel construction, SILVER-PLATED COPPER CONTACTS & floating positive pin! Plus… the Vapehead Titan MOD clone features the same innovative lock mechanism as the original Titan. And if you’ve used this locking mechanism before… you know how nice it is. =) Plus… if you use the coupon code “lovetovape5″… you can get a 5% discount of your whole purchase! I mean… who doesn’t like an awesome MOD and a discount code. =)

Use Coupon Code: lovetovape5


  • phatmitz

    I have one that but I got it from Buckys bargain vaping for 48.99. Its really nice and solid. It hits really good.

  • Cory A

    Can you do an 18650+kick in this mod?

    • Justin Franks

      The real Cronus is “kickable” with an 18650, so I’d imagine the clone would be also.

      I just picked up this clone, and with an 18650 battery, there still is about 10mm (or 3/8″) of space available.

  • Cory A

    I mean, I dig mech mods themselves, but some liquids I have to throw a kick in just to make sure it doesn’t fry… Aren’t kicks 15mm though? Guess I could measure mine.. Just wanted to see if anyone had kicked their clone for sure!


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