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Vaping Watch 4 Year Anniversary Sale $9.00/120mL

First of all, congrats to the good people over at Vaping Watch.  They just announced that it’s their 4-year anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment.  To celebrate, they’re throwing a huge Customer Appreciation Sale.  For the entire month of August, you can get any 2x 120mL bottles of Tmaxx’s No Frills Mls for just $22…or you could get a 4-pack for $40.  Plus, each multi-pack will include a free 120mL dropper or a 30mL Unicorn Bottle (your choice).  But that’s not all!  During the first week of the promotion (7/21 – 7/27), they’re offering an additional 10% discount.  That works out to $19.80 for a 2-pack and $36 for a 4-pack.  They have 42 different e-liquid flavors to choose from.  Most of them are very good…and some of them are absolutely amazing.  Highly recommended.

Vaping Watch offers FREE shipping on orders over $70.

Vaping Watch


Tmaxx’s No Frills Mls



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