volcano lavabox dna75

Volcano Lavabox DNA75 $39.99 | DNA200 $89.99

The Labor Day Sale over at VolcanoEcigs may be over…but they still have quite a few nice deals going.  The Volcano Lavabox DNA75 Box Mod (red/black colorway) is currently on sale for only $39.99 with FREE shipping!  These sold out within a few hours the last time they dropped the price this low, so grab one fast if you’re interested.  But if you’re looking for something with more firepower, you could pick up the DNA200 version (black colorway) for $89.99.  And don’t forget to customize your new Lavabox with a replacement rubberized grip.  They have several colorways available for just $5.99 each.  Check out the link below.

$39.99 Volcano Lavabox DNA75


$89.99 Volcano Lavabox DNA200


$5.99 Lavabox Rubberized Grips


  • Jeremy

    It looks like the full black Lavabox M (DNA75) is also in stock now.


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