Youde AGT Titanium RBA $35.08

Here we go… the brand new Youde AGT Titanium RBA (rebuildable atomizer). In stock and ready to ship. But, in extremely limited supply. So if you want to be one of the first to test your rebuilding skills on this bad boy… get your clicking finger ready and get to work! This RBA is made out of titanium (seriously how nice is that) and the small parts (screws, nuts & post) are still 304 stainless steel. That being said… this rba looks to be of high quality and worth the premium over cheaper options. Youde AGT Titanium Edition. Seriously… do I have to say any more?

Use Coupon Code: June10


  • Jeryck

    Thanks for the info on this deal. Just ordered mine today =).


      Im sure you’ll like it… been hearing good things about it.


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