Youde IGO-W RDA With Single & Dual Hole Caps! $18

My boy @vapestars put me on this deal a week or two ago. I placed an order and received it yesterday. And all is good. The deal has a greenlight! Trianglevape has the Youde IGO-W RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) with 2 caps. The first cap has 1 hole. This is perfect when your building a single coil setup. The second cap has 2 stock holes. Awesome when you wanna build a dual coil setup. I actually use the 2 hold cap on my IGO-W and the 1 hole cap on my IGO-L. So for me, it was like buying 1 Youde IGO-W and upgrading my IGO-L for $18. Can’t beat that price!


One comment

  1. Great prices and service from Triangle everytime.. Thanks Gotsmok for the shout out!
    Vape on!


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