Youde Igo-W4 RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $15.00

Talk about phalic vaping. =) I guess that’s the theme for the week. Hahaha. Anyways… the new Youde Igo-W4 has just dropped as the DOTD over at ultra. Not a bad deal considering that you can pick up the Youde Igo-W4 for just $15.00 shipped. Looks like the only difference between this and the older igo-w is the cap. In fact, it looks like you can use the cap on the igo-l & igo-w. My guess is that they made it shorter and a littler wider to help match 22mm mechanicals. But if you want in on this deal… get your order in cause I did say it was the DOTD (deal of the day =).


  • jim beam

    Musta been a short day, 10 hours and it was over! Waste of time

    • Sorry… first vendor to have em in stock. Guess demand is there for the Igo-W4.

  • John

    Hey thought I would let you know the are selling on the link or 25 note 15

    • It was a DOTD (deal of the day) yesterday.


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