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Authentic Copper 4nine MOD $189.99


The authentic Copper 4nine MOD by Tarsius Customs is in stock and ready to ship over at VaporDNA! And, you can use the coupon code “5OFF” to save $5.00 off the retail price. Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING thrown in. Plus, you get a FREE bottle of MP e-liquid with …

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Fat Snow Wolf 26650 MOD $150.00


This is pretty cool. Finally, an affordable authentic 26650 MOD has hit the vape world. UltraMist just stocked the Asmodus Fat Snow Wolf 26650 MOD. It’s priced at $150.00. And, it features 30mm diameter, deep engravings, 24k gold plated brass pins, over sized locking mechanism and adjustable center pin. Plus, …

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Vapesmith Castle MOD / RDA $104.00-154.99


It looks like VaporDNA just stocked the Vapesmith Castle MOD and Rebuildable Atomizer v1.5 (24K Gold Edition). First off, no clones here so this isn’t for #teamcheapmod. But hey, I know there are some BALLERS¬†out there in the GOTSMOK community. =) You can use the coupon code “5off” on either …

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Villain Mod by Cal Modz (Limited Quantities) $239.80


I guess you can say, that this is an extremely rare mod to come across. The Villain Mod by Cal Modz has a brushed naval bass tube with 25 microns of silver plated brass contacts. It also has 490 and 650 extensions so you can go from all day vape …

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Hades MOD (Version 3) By Footoon $219.99


Hey, they say that it’s not the size that counts… it’s how you use your MOD. But, that’s not the case with the version 3 of the Hades MOD by Footoon. This monster features a 28.5mm top cap diameter, polished brass body & silver plated brass contacts. AND… as if …

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RJ Mods Zodiac Mechanical MOD $225


This is definitely not a deal for #teamcheapmod. But it is one SEKSI ass mod so I’m throwing it out there for those that wanna cop the RJ Mods Zodiac. It looks like DNA just got these in stock and ready to ship. Price is $225. But, checkout the home …

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Lotus MOD By Elli (Free Shipping & Juice) $185.00


VaporDNA just placed the Lotus MOD by Elli in stock and ready to ship. They have limited stock of both the brushed and polished versions. Considering that the production run is limited to 300… just finding them in stock is a deal in itself. But, for a limited time… also …

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Nemesis VW & Kalafan Edition (IN STOCK) $230.00

Nemesis VW & Kalafan Edition (IN STOCK) $230.00

I just got word that VaporDNA has just got the Atmomixani Nemesis VW & Kalafan editions in stock and ready to ship. Price is $230 but that also includes FREE SHIPPING and a free bottle of Millenium Potion e-Liquid. Decent deal when all is said and done. I gotta say… …

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