18650 Battery Sleeve Shrink Wrap $1.36


18650 Battery Sleeve Shrink Wrap has made it’s way over to the shelves at FastTech at a nice price. Just $1.36 with FREE SHIPPING included for a 50 pack. Plus, these 18650 Battery Sleeve Shrink Wraps are available in 3 different colorways: transparent, blue & pink. These are the perfect …

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Heat Resistant Ceramic Angled Tweezers $8.03


Chris put me on a nice deal on some heat resistant Ceramic Angled Tweezers. FastTech has them on sale for just $8.03! These stainless steel and ceramic tweezers are heat resistant up to 1000-1300’C. And their angle makes them easier to use when rebuilding your atomizers. Use them to hold …

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Kuro Koiler Wire Coiling Tool $2.99


It looks like the Kuro Koiler (Styled) Wire Coiling Tool has finally made it’s way to a USA vendor at a great price. 101vape just placed them in stock and ready to ship for just $2.99. Keep in mind that you do have to pay shipping charges at 101vape. But, …

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Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils $9.76


Here’s a deal I’ll definitely be taking advantage of. MtBakerVapor has a 5 pack of Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils for just $9.76 when you use the coupon code “vaporfrombaker” at checkout. And get your order over $10 and you also get a FREE bottle of e-liquid with your order. I’ve …

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Kanger OCC Replacement Coils $13.49


Here’s a decent deal for all the SUBTANK owners out there. MtBakerVapor has a 5 pack of Kanger OCC Replacement Coils for just $13.49 when you use the coupon code “vaporfrombaker” at checkout. They currently have both the 1.2 & .5 ohm coils in stock and ready to ship. Keep …

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Evolv Kick 2 (Genuine) $22.47


Here’s a nice deal on an oldie but a goodie… the genuine Evolv Kick 2. For those that don’t know… the Evolv Kick 2 is a drop in variable wattage/voltage module. It can boost your battery’s output power from 5 to 15 watts or 2 to 6.3 volts. It supports …

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Vamo v10 Control Module $12.78


Here’s another good option for all you DIYers out there in the GOTSMOK community. FastTech just placed the Vamo v10 Control Module in stock for $12.78 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. This Vamo v10 control module features a 0.75 inch display, resistance check & puff counter. Throw in variable wattage …

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Ceramic Tipped Tweezers (Round or Pointed) $6.33-$6.49


Thanks to Marc for the heads up on this deal. Fasttech just put up on their virtual pages these new Ceramic Tipped Tweezers. You can choose from round or pointed tipped. Pointed tipped gets my vote but to each their own. One thing that is pretty cool is that you can also choose …

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