Water Resistant Storage Box / Case $2.88


I saw that FastTech just placed these water resistant storage box / cases in stock for just $2.88 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And the first thought that came into my mind was that these would work perfectly for e-cigs. Am I right? I’m thinking of picking us a few …

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Replacement Atomizer Coil Heads 50% Off


First off… a HUGE shoutout to Matt for this awesome find! Check this out… you can get 50% off your purchase of replacement atomizer coil heads over at MyFreedomSmokes. Offer includes replacement atomizer coil heads for the Protank, Nautilus, EVOD and many more! For example… a 5 pack of Nautilus …

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Aspire Nautilus Replacement Heads $12.99


If you have the Aspire Nautilus or are looking at picking it up make sure you always have new replacement heads on deck because there is nothing worse than the burnt taste mixed in with your favorite vape juice. These  Aspire Nautilus Replacement Heads are coming out of Harbor City, California …

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3 Layer Ecig Display Stand $11.54


I just saw that this 3 Layer Display Stand for E-cigs just hit the virtual shelves over at the vendor we all love to hate. Price is just $11.54 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! A pretty good deal on a 3 Layer Stand in my book. It comes in two …

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Kanthal Wire 100 ft $3.93


Thanks to Capt Donna for bringing to my attention the big sale going on Kanthal Wire going on over at They have sizes ranging from 32 gauge all the way up to 20 gauge. The prices for the Kanthal wire are as follows: 32 Gauge —100ft $3.93  30 Gauge — …

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Organic Unbleached Cotton $9.74


Ok, so this is a first. Organic Unbleached Cotton has never been posted here on GOTSMOK. I just felt the need to share my experience with this stuff. I was weary at first because I’m the type that believed that as long as it was cotton and it was unbleached, …

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Top Fill Cap For Custom Kayfun $5.82


Here’s a pretty cool release. The Top Fill Cap for the Custom Kayfun has just hit the shelves over at FastTech in two different colorways. They have the stainless steel version for $5.82 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. And, the brass version for $5.42 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included as …

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Stingray X Hybrid Adapter & Drip Tip $3.55


This is a short and simple deal. FastTech just released a Stingray X Hybrid Adapter & Drip Tip combo. And get this… they priced it at just $3.55 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! Pretty damn good deal indeed. I can see the drip tip alone going for $10-20 alone at …

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