Kick Clone (Variable Wattage Module) $8.33


This is just a friendly reminder for the GOTSMOK community. FastTech still has the $8.33 Kick clone in stock and ready to ship. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. The price really is $8.33 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Seriously, this is an awesome deal considering that the FastTech Kick clone …

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Drip Tip Collection By VapingTech $35.00


Thanks goes out to Ben for putting me on this Drip Tip Collection by VapingTech. Basically… it’s a set that consists of 3 different bases and 2 different delrin tips that you can mix and match. The three different bases come in stainless steel, brass & copper. While the 2 …

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Honest 503 Pencil Butane Jet Torch $5.37


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the Honest 503. But, it’s definitely a fan favorite. What can I say about the Honest 503 pencil butane jet torch? Let’s see… it’s been working for me for almost a year now. It’s as cheap as you can get at just …

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Kanger Protank Air Flow Control Valve $3.97


Just a quick heads up for all the Protank / Protank 2 / Protank 3 / Aerotank users in the GOTSMOK community. FastTech just stocked the authentic Kanger Protank Air Flow Control Valve for just $3.97 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Seriously, if you rock Kanger clearomizers, the Kanger Protank …

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Vamo Circuit Board (Variable Volt & Watt) $11.64


Here’s an awesome deal for all us vape tinkerers out there. FastTech just placed the Vamo Circuit Board in stock. And, they were able to price it at just $11.64 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included (as always). The Vamo Circuit Board is a perfect item to have to repair your …

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Kayfun Nano Body Kit $5.19


Say whatcha want about FastTech, but they have been bringing the heat ever since New Years. And, today is no exception. They just placed the Kayfun Nano body kit in stock. And get this… the price is just $5.19 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included. Needless to say, I cancelled my …

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Stainless Steel Tanks For Aspire Nautilus $16.25-31.00


The Aspire Nautilus stainless steel tanks deal just got kicked up a notch. Now it seems like the eBay seller now offers 5 different versions. With prices ranging from $16.25 to $31.00. It just depends on how much work is involved in the decoration engraving. Personally, I think the diamond …

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Rainbow Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tips $22.08


Now this is what I’m talking about. You all know that I’m a drip tip junky. And the vendor we all love to hate just placed this awesome 7 pack in stock. First off, the rainbow stainless steel looks just awesome! Second off, the pack includes 7 different drip tips …

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