Efest Zipper Case $4.00 (INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING)


Here’s a pretty nice deal on an accessory we all can use. UltraMist just placed the Efest Zipper Case on sale as their “deal of the day”. The cost is just $4.00 shipped! Not a bad price on a case that can hold 2 batteries or 2 bottles of juice …

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JD Tech Stingray Drip Tip $2.13


You asked for it. You got it! Most of us that jumped on the JD Tech clone posted earlier in the week were happy to get the mod at such a great price. But, a lot of us were asking FastTech to stock the JD Tech Stingray drip tip. Well, …

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Brass Replacement Sleeve For Kraken Atomizer $5.05


If you already have the stainless steel Kraken or it’s 22mm clone… this is pretty much the INSTABUY deal of the deal for you. =) At least, it was for me. The vendor we all love to hate just stocked a brass replacement sleeve for the Kraken atomizer. Keeping in …

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VapeTactics Barrel Clear IGO-W Top Cap $26.99


Just a heads up for those looking to pick up the VapeTactics Barrel clear IGO-W top cap. It looks like DNA just got them in stock and ready to ship. And, it looks like you can use the coupon code “DNA10” to save 10% off of your purchase as well. …

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Kayfun Hybrid Colored Nano Tubes $8.00


UltraMist has just placed the Kayfun Hybrid Colored Nano Tubes on sale as their “deal of the day.” And, at $8.00… it’s just a few dollars more than most other vendors sell the regular clear Kayfun tubes. Except… UltraMist is the only vendor (so far) that carries the Kayfun Hybrid …

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Splash XL Drip Tips (Anodized Aluminium) $2.99


MadVapes just placed a whole mess of anodized aluminium Splash XL drip tips in stock and ready to ship. And, the cost is just $2.99 which is pretty close to China vendor prices but this is from a USA vendor. So no waiting 3 weeks to get your Splash XL …

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Keychain Mini Screwdriver $2.95


This is a pretty useful item to always have around. Especially if your a re-builder. VaporKings just placed this mini screwdriver keychain in stock and ready to ship. The keychain mini screwdriver features both a phillips and flat head screwdriver inside. Making this a perfect tool for RDA or RBA …

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Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths Kit $14.43


I get e-mails all the time asking how I clear my MODs. Well, for my mechanical mods… I completely disassemble them. Clean them with liquid soap and hot water. Then I towel dry them. Reassemble them. And, finally… polish them up real nice with my Cape Cod metal polishing cloths. …

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