3mL Syringes With Blunt Tip Needles (10 pack) $6.99


Why the heck am I slanging 3mL syringes on GOTSMOK? Well, if you’ve ever tried to fill up an RSST without one… you know how helpful blunt tipped syringes are. But forget about just the RSST. Basically… almost every RBA I know of can be filled easily with 3mL syringes …

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Kick 2 Variable Wattage Module $38.21


This is the best deal that I’ve seen the Kick 2 going for. Right now… use the coupon code “THANKYOU” at checkout and get 15% off. This brings the price down to just $38.21. Pretty awesome price if your in the market for a Kick 2 from Evolv. For those …

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Cape Cod Polishing Cloth Kit $14.49


I have a lot of people who ask me what I use to polish my MODs. Here you go… the only thing you need to polish you MODs is a Cape Cod polishing cloth! These things are awesome. It’s basically a cloth that has a slightly abrasive polishing compound infused …

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Capitall Vapes Custom Caps (SS & Brass) $21.60-25.20


These Capitall Vapes custom caps have been all the rage on my Instagram feed for a while now. And for good reason. The Capitall Vapes custom caps are available in three distinct designs… the Convert, Fauxgatti & Hellfire. And each design is available in two different finishes… stainless steel & …

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Vapetactics Chamber Clear Top Cap $26.99


DNA is quickly becoming one of my favorite online retailers. First off… they give a free bottle of Millenium E-liquid with every order. And from the feed back I’ve gotten… this e-juice tastes pretty good too. 2nd… they give free shipping on any order over $49. 3rd… they got an …

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Battery Storage Case 8 For $2.49


The battery storage case is a little accessory that’s handy to have but often overlooked. It’s perfect to use it to carry a few 18650 batteries in your pocket without having to worry about anything shorting out. Cause nothings worse than having a burning sensation in your pants. =) Hahaha. …

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E-Liquid Carrying Case $13.00


I was just over at Amazon and I saw this e-liquid carrying case and I had to share it. It looks like it can hold 8 15mL bottles of e-liquid in a safe padded manner. Pretty cool if your the type of person who likes bringing a variety of juices …

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Pyrex Glass Drip Tips (4 Pack) 7.35


Here is an awesome deal on Pyrex glass drip tips. They are currently available in 4 different colors. Those colors are: clear blue, coffee, green & transparent. You can cop all four Pyrex glass drip tips as a pack for just $7.35! We’re talking just $1.84 a tip! Not bad …

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