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Vamo V8 40W Multifunctional Mod $44.63


Have you guys seen the Vamo V8 40W Multifunctional Mod yet? I know it came out a month or 2 ago but it was somewhere around 60 bucks when it first hit the scene and it didn’t come with the compass, usb adapter or led flashlight. I’ll say what you …

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Little Boy Style RDA Atomizer $5.99


Here’s an awesome deal brought to you by Ian. Thanks Ian. It looks like Focal has placed their Little Boy Style RDA Atomizer on sale for just $5.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! 5 dollars and friggen 99 cents shipped… that’s just crazy. And get this. This Little Boy Style …

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Airek 1:1 Style RDA Atomizer $11.72


A 1:1 style Airek RDA Atomizer has just dropped over at AngelCigs for $11.72. Nice price right. But better yet, this item is in stock and ready to ship from their USA warehouse. So, you won’t have to wait for overseas shipping. This Airek Style RDA features a 3 post …

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Dovpo Safelink For Mech Mods $13.14


Here’s a cool accessory that was just stocked over at FastTech. Introducing the Dovpo Safelink for mechanical mods & atomizers. Think of the Dovpo Safelink as a security device, inline voltmeter, ohmmeter & battery checker all in one device. If you bought all those things separately… I’m sure it would …

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SX300 G-Sensor Box Mod $49.82


Another cool new box mod has just made it’s way over to the shelves of FastTech… the SX300 G-Sensor Box Mod. As the name suggests, this mod utilizes the Yhi SX300 chip to provide 7 – 50 watts in .1 watt increments. The body is made of 6061 billet aluminum. …

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Atlantis Style Clearomizer $16.22


Well that was fast (pun intended) wasn’t it? Here is a definite win for #TeamCheapMod. The Atlantis Style Clearomizer has hit the virtual shelves over at China and it looks like a pretty good 1:1 to me. The only thing that scares me is the “Ships in 7 days” shipping …

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EGrip Style Mod 20 Watt Variable $49.90


New to the pages over at ChinaBuye is the eGrip Style Mod. This has a been a popular variable wattage device as of late and with good reason. It holds 3.6 ml of juice in its self contained tank and features a transparent e-liquid window and a 360-degree regulation ring to …

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Kanger Evod Mega Starter Kit $19.91


Here’s a decent deal for all you vape newbies out there. The Kanger Evod Mega Starter Kit has found it’s way over to the virtual shelves of FastTech. They have 5 different colorways to choose from: black, blue, brown, red & silver. And each costs just $19.91 with FREE WORLDWIDE …

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