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Black And Gold Maraxus MOD Clone $25.19


FastTech just released the black and gold Maraxus MOD clone. And, I gotta say… I think that it’s looks pretty damn nice. First things first, it’s made of gold plated brass & black chromed stainless steel. And, it still features the floating 510 center pin, laser engraved logos & serial …

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26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD Clone $34.50


Dang, I just noticed that today is unofficially the Stingray MOD clone day. =) Staying with the theme, I just found the 26650 Stingray Black/Copper MOD clone in stock and ready to ship over at fairy-gift. And, get this, they priced it at just $34.50! Not a bad deal at …

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Dome RBA Atomizer Clone $22.00


With its ability to rock different wick and coil configurations, adjustable airflow & variable vapor temperature control… the Dome RBA is a solid atomizer for Nemesis owners out there. But, I swear… didn’t it just release like four months ago? Well, at least Atmomixani got a solid 4 months before the …

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Black Copper Stingray MOD Clone $23.68 & Up


If you have been waiting to pick up the black copper Stingray MOD clone for as cheap as possible… your wait is finally over. Fasttech has just placed them in stock in four different options. You can pick up the 18350 mod by itself, the 18500 mod by itself, the …

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Evod Twist 1500mAh Battery $16.81


FastTech just got something interesting in stock which should make some people happy. What the heck am I talking about? They just placed the Evod Twist 1500mAh variable voltage battery in stock in 5 different color options. Those options being blue, green, hot pink, pink & purple. You can buy …

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Taifun GT Replacement Tank (7 Different Colors) $6.03


I almost missed this deal thinking it was the same old Kayfun M-Tank clones. But, looking a little closer, I saw something a little bit different. These aren’t tanks for the Kayfun. These are Taifun GT replacement polycarbonate tanks! Nice find for those of us that rock the Taifun GT …

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Nine Sons Of The Dragon Mechanical Mod $20.35


FastTech had a pretty nice surprise today. They released the Nine Sons Of The Dragon Mechanical Mod Set. Each mod in the set features a 510 connector, copper positive pin, laser engraved logos & a random serial number. But, the cool thing is that each mod in the Nine Sons …

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Black Hawk Panzer Mechanical MOD Clone $32.15


Shout out to Chris for the update on this deal. It looks like FastTech has updated their stock of the Black Hawk Panzer mechanical MOD clone. Now… the version that’s gonna ship will have to same engravings as the authentic Black Hawk Panzer! Pretty nice update considering that the first …

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