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Knight Style Mod By Tobeco $27.99


First off, I gotta say that I didn’t think that this would drop for a very long time if at all. But here it is in all it’s #teamcheapmod glory. The Knight Style Mod by Tobeco has just hit the shelves over at 101vape. And get this, they priced it …

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Sigelei Zmax Mini APV $20.16


Here’s a solid deal for those out there in the GOTSMOK community looking to cop a variable voltage/wattage device on the cheap. VaporBeast has just put up a new deal of the day. This time up to bat, the Sigelei Zmax Mini APV. They have it priced at $22.40. But, …

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LG HE2 18650 Battery (1, 2 or 4 Pack) $8.25-$30.50


A nice little deal on the LG HE2 18650 battery is going down over on at the bay. You can pick up a single piece for $8.25, a two pack for $15.95 which makes it $7.97 a battery, or a four pack which would make it $7.62 per battery. Obviously the …

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Sony VTC4 (4 batteries) + Nitecore I4 Combo $52.94


I came across a pretty cool little combo deal on Sony VTC4 batteries and a Nitecore I4 going on over on the bay. Ok follow me for a second here while I do a little math. The price for a Sony VTC4 is round about $11 – $12 right? Maybe …

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Clear Top Cap & Sleeve For TOBH $14.49


Here’s a cool little accessory for all you TOBH owners out there. Shoptilludrop214 on the Bay has the Clear Top Cap & Sleeve for TOBH Style Atomizers in stock and ready to ship for $14.49. The price includes FREE STANDARD SHIPPING as well. Just replace your stock setup with the …

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GI2 Style Box Mod $149.99


#TeamCheapMod is about to come up! Here is the newest regulated mod to hit the “Dark Side.” The GI2 Style Box Mod is finally here. Well, almost here I guess. The pre-sale going on over on the bay and the estimated date of delivery is somewhere between September 10th and …

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Coil Jig (Purple or Silver) $9.99


There’s a nice little deal on some Coil Jigs over at VapingWalrus. These are made by CigFly and come with the usual 5 different build posts (1mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm) so you can build pretty much any coil you need to.  It also comes with a 510 threaded body …

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30 Watt Box Mod By Cloupor $67.49


I just got the heads up that MtBakerVapor just restocked the 30 Watt Box Mod by Cloupor. Well at least I’m pretty sure that this is the Cloupor version. But it doesn’t sport any logos. They have all 4 colorways in stock and ready to ship: black, blue, red & …

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