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Dovpo Clutch X18 Mech Mod – US $117 | China $75.96

Dovpo Clutch X18 Mech Mod – US $117 | China $75.96

If you’re still not a proud owner of a Dovpo Clutch X18 Mech Mod, here’s your chance to pick one up at a great price.  Health Cabin is currently selling it for $129.99…but that drops down to $89.36 when you log into your account.  After that, you can use coupon code “MOONCAKE” to get an additional 15% off your entire order (excluding clearance items).  That should bring the final price down to only $75.96!  2 of the colorways have already sold out, but they still have 3 options available: Blue, Green, and Red.

If you’d rather order from the USA, just head over to MyVPro.  They’re selling the Dovpo Clutch X18 for $117 when you apply coupon code “HARDWARE10” at checkout.  It looks like they have the Black and Gunmetal versions in stock too.  And since your order will be over $75, it’ll qualify for free US shipping.  I’ll leave both links down below so you can figure out which deal works best for you.

$75.96 @HealthCabin

LOG IN & Use Coupon Code: MOONCAKE (expires 9/24/21)


$117.00 (Free Shipping) @MyVPro

Use Coupon Code: HARDWARE10


Dovpo Clutch X18 Mod is another great mod created by Signature Tips, Mike Vapes & DOVPO! It is the most anticipated parallel mechanical mod created by the top leaders of the industry. The equipment is made of solid aluminum billets and then finely sandblasted. The anodized body is realized in a simple style, ergonomic, compact in appearance, and monotonous in color. A rectangular fire button is mounted on the top of the narrow curved side. Two adjustable brass contacts are placed on the bottom.

In order to increase the landing diameter from 25 mm to 28 mm, a pair of extra side panels are provided. Behind the wide side, walls are silver-plated contact blocks and battery compartments for two external 18650 batteries. Dual 18650 parallel installations. To adjust the steel connector to fit the height of the battery, you need to twist the contacts on the bottom of the case. Inside the device, you notice a small protruding pin which if you remove the rear battery cover, allows you to lock the fire button on and off. Perfectly hidden behind the rear battery door. Up top is the hybrid 510 connection, hybrid simply means that your chosen RDA or RTA will screw directly onto the positive pin of the battery, meaning there is less of a volt drop between contacts.

The most interesting feature of this product is the “fuse”. The unique fuse protection ensures safety. It is located at the bottom of the module and is specially designed for currents not exceeding 37A. It is replaceable and 5 extra included.

Dovpo Clutch X18 Features / Specs:

  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • Solid silver contacts
  • Unique locking system for safety
  • Fine Shot Blasted & Anodised
  • Machined from Solid Billet Aluminium
  • Commercial Grade 3D Printed Internal Sled
  • Uses Dual 18650 Batteries (not included)
  • Fused Protection For Battery Safety
  • Locking Mechanical
  • Two Sets Of Doors 25mm & 28mm
  • Solid Fuse Bridge
  • Fits up to 28mm Atomizers

Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mechanical Mod $62.99

Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mechanical Mod $62.00First of all, I’d like to give a big shoutout to Health Cabin.  They wanted to put together a special Dovpo Clutch deal just for you guys.  I told them they’d have to beat everyone else’s prices…so they pulled some strings and made it happen!  Here’s the scoop: it’s still listed at the regular price of $89.99, but you’ll get a massive $27 discount when you apply coupon code “clutch” at checkout.  That works out to just $62.99 total!  It sounds like a fantastic deal to me.  If this one has been on your wish list, now might be the time to finally add it to your collection.  They still have all 4 colorways in stock too: Black, Red, Blue, and Green.  Shipping isn’t free, but it’s only about $6 (depending on your location), which isn’t bad at all.

Use Coupon Code: clutch

Clutch 21700 Mech Mod (Back in Stock!) $69.99

Great news: the popular Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mech Mod (by Signature Mods) is officially back in stock over at MyVPro.  These have been hard to come by lately, so I thought I should give you guys a quick heads up.  They’ve got it listed at $89.99…but you can still get an extra $5 off orders over $75 when you apply coupon code “MOTHERSDAY5” at checkout.  That should drop the price down to only $84.99.  Not bad at all.  And since your order will be over $50, it’ll qualify for FREE shipping too.  They currently have 4 different colorways in stock: Black, Red, Blue, and Green.  Also, keep in mind that if you spend a little bit more, you could use coupon code “MOTHERSDAY10” to get $10 off (orders over $100).  Just remember that those coupon codes officially expire TODAY (May 11) at 11:59 pm EST.

If you’d rather save some money and order from China, just head over to 3avape.  They’re selling the Dovpo Clutch for only $76.49 + free shipping.  Just be sure to log into your account and use coupon code “LD15” to get the reduced price.  They only have about 10 of these available, so you’ll have to act fast.

[UPDATE] 3fvape just dropped their price down to $69.99.  Check out the link below.

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