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E Liquid Vendors Top 5 Affordable List

People always assume that I receive all my e-liquid for free because of VAPE DEALS.  I’m not gonna lie, I get my fair share of e-liquid sent my way from various vape vendors/manufacturers.  What might surprise you is that I still buy a decent amount of e-juice from a lot of different vendors as well.  You might be wondering why.  Well, it’s a mixture of a few reasons.  First off, I like supporting the VAPE vendors.  Buying my e juice won’t break my vape budget but constantly giving away e-liquid can/will break theirs.  Second off, I just don’t like asking for free stuff.  I feel that if I can afford to buy something, why would I ask someone to give it to me for free.  But, that doesn’t mean I will turn an offer for free e-juice down.  =)  So, with that said, here’s my list of the…

Top 5 Affordable E-Liquid Vendors:

#1 The Sauce LA – Award Winning E-liquid

The Sauce LA has been my go-to e-liquid vendor for my ADV (all day vape) “Capone” for a while now.  I seriously pick up 10 bottles at a minimum each time that I place an order.  And, I keep coming back for more.  Don’t get me wrong though, they are not a one-trick pony.  I’ve tried a majority of their house and Awesometown lines and some are excellent, some are good and a majority are keepers.  At least to me.  To be completely honest, there were a few that I didn’t like at all.  But, everyone’s tastebuds are different.  So, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure when it comes to ejuice flavors.

With that said, I suggest that you allow their e-liquid to steep for a while before you vape it.  I’ve had people tell me that some of their flavors we’re trash when they first received them.  But, after trying them again a month or two later… they were amazing. #justsaing

TheSauceLA is hard to beat when they have their e-liquid sales.  I think I’ve been able to pick up a 120mL bottle of Capone for $5 and some change.  And, I probably haven’t paid more than $8 a 120mL bottle ever.   Seriously, at these prices… it’s worth it to pick up a few bottles just to try out.  You never know if you’ll find an ADV as well.  Just make sure to search (on this site) for their most recent deal before placing the order.

It also helps that this company is based out of California and they typically ship fast.  So, I can place an e-liquid order on Monday and have it at my door by Wednesday at the latest.  They make one of my all day vapes, their prices are hard to beat and they ship pretty fast.  These are the 3 main reasons why The Sauce LA gets my vote as the #1 top affordable e-liquid vendor online.

#2 Ejuice Connect – Wholesale To The Public

Ejuice Connect is one of the vendors that I can’t figure out how they make any money.  First off, their everyday prices are some of the lowest prices that any online e-liquid has.  Which already sounds great right?  And, as far as I can tell, they don’t have an in house juice line.  So, all of the e-liquid they sell is brand name e-juice.

Then, throw in the fact that they have sitewide coupon codes that they release pretty often.  This ends up with dirt-cheap prices on brand name juice pretty regularly.  I guess that’s where their tagline comes into play… “Wholesale To The Public.”  I usually place an order for a few 120mL bottles of Breakfast Classics e-liquid (which is priced at only $8.99 a bottle) whenever their Deal Of The Day tempts me to place an order.

Plus, they recently opened their CBD site that takes the same wholesale to the public approach.  I don’t know if you’ve looked into CBD.  But, it can cost a pretty penny.  So, check them out if you’ve been looking to pick some up but don’t want to break the bank.

#3 Fuggin Vapor Co – Premium E-liquid & Mods

I have a lot of love for Fuggin Vapor.  They were one of the first online e-liquid companies (if not the first) that hit the scene with their own e-liquid line.  And, since it was their own e-liquid… they could price it for whatever they wanted.  This meant that they came in very aggressive with their pricing at the beginning.  And, they didn’t let up since then.

In fact, they solidified their reputation for having pretty decent flavor profiles at rock bottom prices.  Once that was out of the way… they started adding other juice lines to their inventory.  Then, they started to offer hardware as well.  All of which are pretty competitively priced.  But, don’t get it twisted… their bread and butter are still there in house “Fuggin Liquids.”

I wouldn’t say they have the most complex flavor profiles.  But, I’ve tried more than a few of them and they are all pretty nice.  In fact, I was pretty addicted to their Fuggin Donuts e-liquid for quite some time.  I mean, it’s described as a “soft complex donut taste topped with pink strawberry frosting and colored sprinkles.”  Seriously, if you like bakery or dessert flavors… this just might be worth a try.  Now that I think of it… I might place an order for a few bottles for myself and take a trip down memory lane.  I might have to push them up to the #2 spot if it’s everything that I remembered. =)

#4 Breazy

You can’t have an “Affordable E-Liquid Vendors” list without mentioning the team over at Breazy.  They literally have 1 or 2 (or more) e-liquid sales a week without fail.  And, every sale is unique.  Monday might be all fruit e-liquids.  Wednesday might bring an all big bottles sale.  And the weekend might be a staff’s favorites sale.  Needless to say, Breazy’s last name might as well be “discount”.  And, we’re not talking about a small discount.  Seriously, a 40% discount is probably the average that they offer.

To kick it up a notch, they have more than 1,200 different products from all of your favorite e-liquid brands.  Then, you throw in the fact that they include FREE SHIPPING with every order $50 or more.  You can stock up on the cheap and even save on the shipping.  This is why they make a strong argument for being #4 on this list.

#5 Eightvape

With all of their crazy sales lately… Eightvape can probably make an argument for being #1, #2, #3 or #4 on this list.  Especially when you take a look at their e-liquid clearance section or their deals section.

They always update them with new flavor profiles, brands, and promotions that make it easy for you to stock up on the cheap.  Seriously, I can visit the site every day and see a new product on sale.  It’s like they hired a dedicated person to just think of what they can place on sale that day.

OK, I might be taking it a little too far but they do have more e-liquid on sale than probably any other online juice vendor that I know.  So, it’s always worth a look if you’re in the market for some new juice.

In Conclusion

I hope that you found my list of the Top 5 Affordable Online E-Liquid Vendors helpful.  Remember, this is just MY top 5 list of affordable e-liquid vendors.  And, if anyone out there in the VAPE DEALS community knows of any other affordable juice vendors… feel free to leave a comment below.  I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there that would appreciate it.

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  1. Is this a list of the top 5 sub-par juice companies? They sell mostly bad to mediocre juice. You should take a test run on Their prices are really cheap and their juice doesn’t suck. 7 bucks per 30ml, 20 bucks per 120, all the way up to 60 bucks for 480ml. Any ratio and flavor boost is free. It’s actually good out of the mail but comes with directions on steeping and recommends 2 weeks steep time.

    • taste is subjective. that’s why i said this is MY list at least 2 different times. with that said… the reviews on vapewild look pretty promising. thanks for the heads up.

    • I use Vape Wild. The price, and the staff treat you great!. I haven’t used anyone in the last 2 years or so. I can’t find anyone else that has juice that isn’t too sweet. I like bland flavors. If anyone can beat price, and a vendor that stays away from the bubble gum stuff, please let me know. I know everyone has sweet stuff, but other than coffee and tobacco flavors, I can’t find anything else that comes close to Vape Wild! Thank you, STUSTUFF

    • Morbious Stone

      vape wild will make you puke

    • VapeWild is one of the worst cheap e-juice in the market

  2. My current favorite…Derall Ecigs…

    GREAT Taste…FAST Delivery…Responsive Customer Service…

    Six-30ml. bottles…$24…FREE shipping…

  3. I also have to give some love to Vape Wild. They have great prices, and are crazy generous with free samples. I think I got 4 bottles in one larger order. Not all of their flavors are slam dunks, but there are some amazing ones.

    • Can you list some of the amazing ones?

      • agreed… would want to know this as well.

      • Giant Vapes. Hands down best e liquid store on he market. Free shipping no matter what you buy. Has the best brands and best juices. None of that knock off bottom of the barrel stuff. If you drip it’s a must. Beantown Vapor “oh face” best strawberry cream ever created. Not even close

      • Giant vapes isn’t really affordable though. It looks like they only carry premium lines. And this list is about affordable options. Ill keep them in mind when I make a list of premium juice vendors though. Thanks for the heads up.

      • That is true. Why vape inferior quality? I prefer Newport over Maverick Menthol, the quality was obvious. Same goes for e juice.

      • +1 for Giant Vapes. Yeah they do deal in premium eliquid… $16-22 for a 30ml on average. Free shipping and from RI to MN in 2 days. Lots of the cheaper juices/house blends irritate my mouth so I’ve had to go with juices that don’t bother me. I did enjoy mount baker and madvapes juices flavor wise and I agree with mount baker being the king of budget e-juice.

      • Yea I only buy my juice from Giant Vapes, and Galactic Vapors (soley for Cereal Killa, the only real fruit loop vape out). I use Mt Baker for my girlfriend, she don’t know no better.

      • tiramisu and on cloud custard are my favs i get mag vg boosted some other good ones for my taste are smurf cake peach tea
        and vanilla clouds

      • i might have to place an order and see whats up.

      • I’m a huge custard fan and their on a cloud custard is fantastic. There are a couple premium ones I like a bit more, but at 1/4 the price its an ADV for me.
        Their fruit hoops is good, to me as good as cereal killa. Smurf cake is good, as are most of their simple fruit flavors.
        Circus bear and sweet complexity are favorites of a friend of mine and very popular, but I don’t care for banana.
        I feel they do better at fruit and dessert flavors. I’m a tobacco flavor lover and really don’t care for any of their tobacco flavors.
        Hope I don’t stear anyone wrong, just my opinion, taste is so subjective. At least they are cheap so even if you don’t like them you’re not out much.

      • i might have to place an order with them.

    • May you please state which flavor are the best from them

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on VAPE DEALS. That’s why we allow comments. =) The comments are there for the whole community to learn a lot about other lesser known vendors. And, it kinda takes the pressure off of me to research all these new companies. I would hate to push a lot of people to a site only to find out they are scammers. But if more than a few people point out a new vendor and say they had a good experience with them… who am I to question it. Seriously, I won’t even try to pretend that I’m the be all end all when it comes to vaping. All I know is that I was able to quit smoking via vaping. =) With that said… what flavors do you think are worth trying out at vapewild? I’m into bakery, cereal flavors right now.

    • Sweet Complexity is apparently very good. I made a thread on the Aussie Vapers forum to ask if anyone had tried their juices and quite a few people ended up ordering. Some great (mixed) feedback so far. Here is the thread if you’re interested (hope Im allowed to post links)

      • Omg. Try ” circus bear ” from vape wild I love it. Sometimes I add a little of their ” blueberry ” to it. I don’t think I ever got anything I didn’t like. Free shipping on $25.00. And I think I got an extra 3 free samples. Which are always good, so then I end up ordering more of the sample flavors. They pick out better flavors than I do. Every month they have a mystery flavor they send with your order, that always fun. Also, they started making pre steeped in glass bottles for a few bucks extra. You can instant message them with questions. They have good customer service.

      • Adina Marie Hutsell

        Sweet Complexity is NOT good. If you tried and liked it, i have 2 30ml bottles i would like to offer to trade or something. I am a huge VapeWilder and here are the best:
        On Cloud Custard – HANDS DOWN the best vanilla custard out there. I am very picky about custards and most have an odd aftertaste, even most premiums, and this one is perfect.
        Bubble Bubble – Best pink gum and my 2nd fave all day vape. Allot of flavor and i opt for 80vg and it’s a serious cloud maker.
        So Berry Good is SO f’ing good you have to say it outloud with every draw.
        Hannibal’s Nectar is one of a kind. I got it as a freebie and vaped 15ml that very day. I usually hate anything with peach but this one is also one of my ADV’s.

      • I agree…..sort of 🙂 I ended up trying the VW juices shortly after writing that and got Sweet Complexity and the OCC but I didn’t enjoy either. I’m also very fussy when it comes to juice and custards are one of my fav flavours (when done right). I totally agree that the majority are rubbish. One ‘budget’ custard I was pleasantly surprised by was Gvapers. I actually ordered more which is rare for me.

      • I need to revisit this list. To be honest… I have to agree with you now. I did like SC the first few times I tried it. But, the flavor got old fast. I do LOVE OCC and the smurf juice (don’t know the exact name since it’s been a few months since I’ve had a bottle). Been stuck on vvpor and gvapers juice lately.

  5. Disappointing to see a list base solely of of price. Taste us important to me, do I pay for it.

    • The list is a mixture of price & options available. With a major emphasis on price. After all… This is a list of affordable juice vendors.

  6. is 10.95 for a 30ml bottle, I know I have friend who orders from VapeWild, and also another good affordable juice is TasteyJuices ( But like I tell everyone, taste is subjective and what some like, others won’t.

  7. What about Yaeliq ?

  8. Guess I’m a juice snob, I’ve tried all on your list, and most are mediocre at best. As for Vapewild, they are better then the 5 listed, but not by much.

    Guess I’ll just keep paying for what I do like.

    • Nothing wrong with that. =)

    • Agreed it’s not a good deal if it just goes down the drain. But I buy RY4 and 555 from E Liquid market and let it age a week and I think it’s very good. and there shipping in the U.S. is cheap and fast

  9. Vape Wild would be #1 on my list.

  10. Ictelixer has the best and cheapest juice for sure. Mt baker is insanely low quality and gums up your coils

  11. My favorite Vape wild flavors are On cloud Custard ,Sweet and Creamy, and Sweet Complexity, Strawberries and Cream is pretty good too.

  12. E juice girl on Facebook has recently dropped her prices on her 30mL bottles to $5/bottle. She does have a flat shipping rate of $6 bc she uses priority shipping, but even still that’s pretty cheap prices for a 30mL & if you buy multiple bottles shipping stays the same! I personally haven’t tried but have read nothing but GREAT reviews

    • i would be scared to order from a site with no contact information at all. might just be me.

      • Understandable, however, she responds VERY quickly to any & all Facebook messages, comments, etc more than I have seen some companies that have an entire lineup of contact methods. Just one of the ‘new’ ways to conduct & run business, but there is definitely a slight risk envolved!

      • As long as it works for her… more power to her. It looks like she has a following though. I’m open minded enough to know that just because someone has a great site won’t mean they have great customer service. And visa versa. =)

      • Oh I totally havea similar thought process lol.. Like I said, I haven’t ordered from her personally, not even sure how I stumbled across her site, but you definitely opened my eyes to something I’d take into consideration before I ordered! I think it looks promising because they’re are soo many FB sales sites, BUT at the same time it IS an actual business as opposed to someone selling idk say a pair of shoes lol. & more information would be a bit comforting. Like you said though, looks like it works for her & her customers!

    • dont waste your money my opinion i ordered on review and price and wow even at 5 bucks for 30ml it was a rip off for me well and others who ordered with me really was not impressed at all im still on vapewild after 8 months they have awsome juice and for the price you really can not go wrong…also i sent her bad review and she couldnt take it was all upset so her reviews are leaning towards possitive cant take critisism

  13. what about juicemafia?

    • I really enjoy the grape, peach, and strawberry peach freeze from JM. Good prices, slow shipping.

  14. has good priced and pretty good juice as well should prolly check them out also

  15. ITC Vapes should be on this list… Same price as MBV and much better quality…

  16. I found some really good flavor mixes that I think are amazing from ‘The Vape Mall’. I love the variety in their chocolates, and vanillas category…and really good dessert flavors. Best place for sweet flavors in my book! Mmmm, Blueberry Delight, Vanilla Southern, and Turtle Cheesecake, just a few of my favorites!

  17. Anthony DeRosa

    How does Dr. Crimmy not make this list? Dr. Crimmy should be on ALL lists lol

  18. After reading these comments I ordered from some liquid from Vape Wild. I ordered $25 worth of liquid “free shipping $25+. They sent me 40ml free juice “4 10ml bottles. I asked for 2 specific flavors to try out.” I went to their facebook page and tried out one of their contests, ended up winning $15 free store credit. Quick shipping, liquid smells great, waiting on steeping before I try it out.

  19. madvapes juice is piss

  20. whitelabeljuiceco. should be #1 on this list

  21. cindy dickens

    i dont like giant vapes because most of their juices have a harshness that i do not like. i know they dont make their own liquid, but i dont like the juices that they decided to carry. i like unicorn vapors and the vape place.

  22. Azure vaping ,hands down best vape for your buck.
    $ 20-25 bucks for 120 millileters. The juice is not mediocre its superb. Rys, tobacco flavors rock from this vendor. Try robbaco sweet, Smokey and dry !

  23. Out of all the e-liquids I’ve tried over the years, the best I found comes from My Freedom Smokes. It’s a shame that since the website rebuild a while back they did away with the ability to customized e-liquids on each e-liquid’s page before clicking the ‘add to cart’ option. It’s still available but in order to get the option, it must requested. Of course, MFS added 2 sub-ohm lines and a commercial brand of e-liquid but I don’t think my ACE E-cig or even the previous Kanger Aerotank I used or the Pro Tanks before those & now the Aspire Nautilus would be able to handle them but regardless, the in-house MFS mixed e-liquids are my favorites anyhow, esp with the customization in flavor. Marshmallow, Cinnamon Roll, & for a long time Cotton Candy were all my staple flavors along with the listed “Sweetener’ under The Flavors Apprentice is something I order each month in as high of a quantity that I can afford. Not sure what happened with my love of the Cotton Candy but for whatever reason, it is not among my favorite flavors. I’m hoping I just need a break from the flavor and that’s all b/c I loved that flavor so much.

    The customization included PG/VG mix, standard flavor/slight added flavoring/extra flavoring (adjusted for taste), along with bottle size.

  24. Colby Dennison

    What mg were you vaping that tasted peppery? Because I’ve discovered that the more nicotine in the eliquid, the more peppery taste. Also the high mg can’t handle high watts

  25. i’d have included Vape Wild in the list myself. Comparable if not cheaper prices and juice that in my opinion rivals the top shelf brands on some flavors. Their “(S+C)2” and “On Cloud Custard” are seriously good vapes.

  26. Check out Vape Caviar. They eliquid is really good imo and you can get 120ml bottles for 20 a piece for some of their liquid. 60ml is 10 dollars.

  27. Check out Vape Caviar. They have 120ml bottles of some of they’re ejuice, which are really good, for 20 dollars a piece. 60ml bottles are 10 dollars. Can’t get better than that, especially if you like thir juice. Taste is subjective but give them a shot!

  28. I’m getting in on this… #1 is (does take a little while to ship) $60 for 580ml $15 120ml also #2

  29. Brock Swanlund has amazing juice at amazing prices…. less then 10 cents a ml with code “thankyou”

    • That1vape is really good juice they send free wire and cotton and free 10 ml and you pick your flavor. Good prices and amazing juice!!

  30. Melinda Blaze

    I understand this your list, but imo Mad Vapes are not that great-there is a local store and I sampled a bunch of their flavors, and Vista is cheap but I did not think the juice quality was any good.

    • I feel you. This was written a while ago so I’m going to have to update it soon. Definitely have to add vapewild as well as a few others and take some off the list (like madvapes).

  31. Try slim’s ejuice. They have a lifetime 20% off code “thankyou” some of the flavors are hit or miss but for $7.50 for a 30ml and majority of the flavors are good, its hard to beat. And you can custom order your own flavors. Free shipping on orders over $50. All and all a great deal.

  32. axethemadaxeman

    Swagg sauce from swaggsauceusa.Com has been my go to for super cheap and amazing tasting juices, I’d recommend it for everyone. Granted some of their flavors are not quite on point, but some are amazing. I usually buy the 120ml bottles for only $12. Can’t beat that.

  33. dominates all these vendors. iv been going to them for the last 6 months straight…

  34. Vista Vapors is RUDE and there rewards program sucks, they make you believe you can use them for your next purchase as you build points. But you can ONLY use a 5.00 at a time. There juice is OK at best. Mount Baker juice is better, but you get what you pay for you can’t have it both ways , low cost with great taste.

  35. What about there juicce rocks great taste great proce 60ml 11.99

  36. That or try humble crumble 240ml for 24.99

  37. Derek Laughlin

    i feel they are good company, but really really cater to a specific pallet. i’ve never seen so many juice and fruity flavors, what if someone wanted no strawberrry but a dessert? caramel cupcake, lets say?there are like 3 out of 100



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