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FlawlessVapeShop Labor Day Sale (Still Going!)

FlawlessVapeShop Labor Day Sale (Still Going!)

This one caught me by surprise.  I was just over at FlawlessVapeShop and noticed that their Labor Day 2020 Sale is still going.  I thought I would give you guys a quick heads up in case you missed my original post.  Act fast and you could get an extra 15% off your entire purchase!  That’s a nice improvement over their usual 10% discount.  Just be sure to apply coupon code “LABOR15” at checkout to get the reduced prices.  If you’re looking for a Price Preview, check out my last post (down below).  It shows everything with a 10% discount, so you’ll be getting an extra 5% off those prices.

The coupon code probably won’t be around for much longer, so take advantage of it while you can.  And, as always, keep in mind that shipping is free when you spend $100 or more (US orders only).

Use Coupon Code: LABOR15

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Clearance E-liquids


FlawlessVapeShop Clearance Hardware & E-liquids

FlawlessVapeShop Clearance / Overstock Sale UpdateAnother FlawlessVapeShop clearance update!  I realize I just posted one the other day, but that only included e-liquid.  They’ve got a bunch of new hardware deals available now, so I wanted to give you guys a quick heads up.  I’ve gone through their entire selection and listed all the best deals down below.  Just be sure to apply coupon code “THANKS10” at checkout to get the extra 10% off (valid sitewide).

There are some absolute bargains on the table here, like the Lost Vape Centaurus for $107.35, the Voopoo Argus Air for $19.31, the Lost Vape Orion Q-Ultra for $22.82, the Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus for $26.69, and Prohibition Juice Co. 100mLs for $9.89.  They’ve got some nice replacement pod and coil deals going as well.  Some of these items are selling fast, so I’d recommend stopping by ASAP.

Use Coupon Code: THANKS10

Clearance Hardware Deals

  • $1.16 Smok Fit Replacement Pods (3-Pack)
  • $1.76 Geekvape Aegis Replacement Pods (2-Pack)
  • $2.33 iJoy Diamond Baby DMB Coils (3-Pack)
  • $2.33 Ply Rock Limitless Pulse Kit
  • $2.93 Smok Mico Replacement Pods (3-Pack)
  • $3.50 Voopoo Drag Nano Kit
  • $4.68 Lost Vape Orion Pods (2-Pack)
  • $5.27 Vaporesso OSMALL Kit
  • $5.84 iJoy Neptune Kit
  • $5.85 Hangsen IQ 3SECS Kit
  • $5.85 Uwell Crown Pods (2-Pack)
  • $6.44 Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Set (1 Pod + 2 Coils)
  • $6.73 Freemax Mesh Pro Coils (3-Pack)
  • $6.85 Horizon Falcon 2 Coils (3-Pack)
  • $7.02 Horizon Falcon Coils (3-pack)
  • $12.29 Nitecore Charger D2 LCD Digicharger
  • $12.58 Geekvape Wenax Stylus Kit
  • $15.20 Uwell Crown Pod System Kit
  • $15.80 Smok RPM Lite AIO Kit
  • $16.97 Smok Nfix 25w Kit
  • $17.55 FreeMax MaxPod Kit
  • $18.14 Smok Novo X Kit
  • $18.14 Voopoo Vinci Air Kit
  • $19.31 Voopoo Argus Air 25w AIO Kit
  • $19.89 OneVape AirMOD 60 Kit
  • $20.48 Voopoo Vinci X 70w Kit
  • $21.06 Efest LUC V6 Smart Charger
  • $22.23 Vaporesso Target PM80 Kit
  • $22.82 Lost Vape Orion Q-Ultra 40w Kit
  • $23.40 Lost Vape Orion Q-PRO Kit
  • $23.70 Smok Alike 40w Kit
  • $24.52 Geekvape Aegis Boost Kit
  • $25.73 SnowWolf Taze 40w AIO Kit
  • $25.74 Smok RPM 2 80w AIO Kit
  • $26.62 Smok Scar P5 80w AIO Kit
  • $26.79 Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus 18650 AIO Kit
  • $26.86 Smok RPM160 160W AIO Starter Kit
  • $26.91 Smok Scar P3 Kit
  • $27.79 Voopoo Drag X Kit
  • $28.67 Voopoo Drag S Kit
  • $31.59 Voopoo Drag 2 Refresh 177w Starter Kit
  • $33.64 FreeMax Autopod50 50w Kit
  • $35.98 Voopoo Argus GT 160W Starter Kit
  • $43.06 Geekvape Aegis Max 100w Starter Kit
  • $47.97 Smok Scar 18 230w Starter Kit
  • $63.18 SnowWolf Zephyr 200w Starter Kit
  • $107.35 Lost Vape Centaurus DNA250C Box Mod

Clearance E-liquid Deals

  • $2.70 Fresca E-liquid 75mL
  • $4.49 – $4.50
    • Arctic E-liquid 100mL
    • Solace Black by Solace Salts 30mL
    • Marina Classics E-liquid 60mL
  • $6.29 – $6.30
    • Juice House E-liquid 100mL
    • Juice House Salts 30mL
    • Lollidrip E-liquid 60mL
    • Milk King E-liquid 100mL
    • Mr Freeze E-liquid 100mL
    • Tropic King E-liquid 100mL
    • Alternativ by Marina Vape 100mL
  • $7.19
    • Aqua 60mL
    • Bad Drip 60mL
    • BLVK Unicorn 60mL
    • Candy King Bubblegum Twin Pack (2x 60mL)
    • Candy King on Ice E-liquid 100mL
    • Kilo 100mL
    • Kilo Salt Series 30mL
    • OMG E-liquid 120mL
    • Pachamama 60mL
    • Pachamama Salts 30mL
    • USA Vape Labs 100mL
  • $8.09
    • Gost Vapors Nic Salt 30mL
    • Innevape 75mL
    • SVRF 60mL
    • SVRF Salts 30mL
    • Vape 7 Daze 60mL
    • Vapetasia 100mL
    • Vapetasia Salt 30mL
  • $8.99
    • Anarchist 100mL
    • Humble X Flawless 120mL
    • Sadboy 100mL
    • Sadboy Salts 30mL
    • Skwezed 100mL
    • Skwezed Salt 30mL
  • $9.89
    • Pancake House 100mL
    • Prohibition Juice Co. E-liquid 100mL
  • $11.69
    • FRYD 120mL Twin Pack
    • Twist 120mL Twin Pack

FlawlessVapeShop 4th of July 2020 E-liquid Sale

FlawlessVapeShop 4th of July 2020 E-liquid SaleAs some of you already know, FlawlessVapeShop has had some fantastic e-liquid deals over the past few months.  Well, those deals just got even better.  During their 4th of July Sale, you can get an extra 35% off their entire selection of premium e-liquids.  No coupon code is needed, the discount should automatically apply at checkout (if it doesn’t, try using coupon code “4THOFJULY”).  They usually carry a nice selection of popular brands, so stop by and see if they have anything you need.  Just please note that this offer is not valid on bundles and you can’t combine it with any other coupon codes or promos.  They didn’t say when the sale officially ends, but Saturday (July 4) seems like a safe bet.  Take advantage of it while you can.

**They’re also throwing in FREE shipping on orders over $100 during this sale.

FlawlessVapeShop Memorial Day 2020 Sale (25% Off!)

Wow, I’m pretty sure this is the biggest sitewide discount that FlawlessVapeShop has ever offered.  During their Memorial Day Sale, you can get an extra 25% off your entire purchase!  Just be sure to apply coupon code “MEMORIAL25” at checkout to get the reduced prices.  I already combed through their entire selection and pulled together all the best deals for you guys.  Check out the Price Preview down below.  They didn’t specify when this sale ends, but Monday (May 25) seems like a safe bet.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  I doubt they’ll have another sale like this any time in the near future.

Use Coupon Code: MEMORIAL25

Hardware Price Preview

  • $0.74 Augvape Tuglyfe Replacement Pods (4-Pack)
  • $2.24 – $2.26
    • iJoy Diamond VPC UNIPOD Replacement Pod (3-Pack)
    • Smok Fit Replacement Cartridge Pod (3-Pack)
    • Replacement Squonk Bottles
  • $3.71 Nitecore F1 Smart IMR Li-ion Battery Charger
  • $3.94
    • Smok Fetch Mini Replacement Pod Cartridges (2-Pack)
    • Smok RPM40 Replacement Pod Cartridges (3-Pack)
    • Voopoo Drag Nano Replacement Pod Cartridges (4-Pack)
  • $5.25 SMOK Nord 2 Pods (3-Pack)
  • $5.62
    • Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA Pod Cartridge Pack (Includes 2 Coils)
    • Smok Mico Replacement Pod Cartridges (3-Pack)
    • Uwell Yearn Pod Device
  • $5.91 – $6.00
    • IQS The Pod Cartridge for the Lost Vape Orion (2-Pack)
    • Smok Pozz X Pods (3-Pack)
  • $6.19 Hellvape Hellcoils Replacement Coils (3-Pack)
  • $6.47 iJoy Neptune Pods (3-Pack)
  • $6.74 iJoy Diamond VPC 45w Starter Kit
  • $7.04 Nitecore F2 Dual Slot Battery Charger
  • $7.31 Hangsen IQ 3SECS Pod Device Kit
  • $7.50
    • Efest Slim K2 Battery Charger
    • Uwell Crown Pods (2-Pack)
  • $7.87 Smok Mico Pod Kit
  • $8.16 Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Set (1 Pod + 2 Coils)
  • $9.00 Vaporesso OSMALL Pod System Kit
  • $10.49 Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod Cartridge (4-Pack)
  • $16.50 Lost Vape Prana Pod System Kit
  • $20.54 Uwell Caliburn Pod System
  • $22.50
    • Uwell Crown Pod System Kit
    • Voopoo Vinci Air Pod System Kit
  • $24.00 Smok Pozz X 40w Starter Kit
  • $26.25 Smok RPM 80 Pro Pod System Kit
  • $26.25 Vozol Ark Pod System 30w Kit
  • $27.00 Smok Alike Pod 40w System Kit
  • $30.00 SnowWolf Taze 40w Pod System Kit
  • $30.37 Geekvape Aegis Boost Kit
  • $31.49 Voopoo Vinci X 70w Pod Device Kit

E-liquid Price Preview

  • $2.24 Bantam E-liquid 60mL
  • $3.75 Drip N Vape Salts 30mL
  • $5.24 Strawbeezy Salt 30mL
  • $5.99
    • Bad Drip E-liquid 60mL
    • Director’s Cut E-liquid 60mL
    • Marina Classics E-liquid 60mL
  • $6.74
    • Fresca E-liquid 75mL
    • Lollidrip E-liquid 60mL
    • Ruthless Salt 30mL
    • Solace Salts 30mL
  • $7.46 – $7.49
    • GOT E-liquid 100mL
    • BOHO Vape 100mL
    • Keep it 100 E-liquid 100mL
    • Mr Freeze 100mL
    • Superb E-liquid 60mL
    • Tailored House 100mL
  • $8.24
    • Alternativ 100mL
    • Aqua 60mL
    • Milk King 100mL
    • Ruthless Loaded 120mL
    • SadBoy Salts 30mL
    • Sengoku Vapor 100mL
    • Sugoi Vapor 100mL
    • Tropic King 100mL
    • Unicorn Frappe E-Liquid Bundle 200mL
  • $8.99
    • Juice Dimension 100mL
    • Juice Man 100mL
    • Ruthless 120mL
    • Sour House 100mL
    • Taffy Fiend 120mL Twin Pack
  • $9.74
    • Blessed E-liquid 120mL Twin Pack
    • Flawless Tuglyfe E-liquid 120mL Twin Pack
    • Humble 120mL
    • Lemon Life 120mL Twin Pack
    • Naked 100 60mL
    • SadBoy 100mL
    • The One by Beard 100mL
    • Vapetasia 100mL
  • $11.25 Naked 100 CBD E-liquid 30mL
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