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FREE Digital Multimeter (7 Function) @ Harborfreight

Shout out to ubergeek922 for the heads up on this deal. Click the link below to print out a coupon for a FREE digital multimeter by Cen-tech at Harborfreight. Offer is valid for 1 use per person. And, it expires 04/30/14. The only catch is that it looks like the coupon is for in store purchases only. So, this deal may not be for everyone. But, it is one hell of a deal for any re-builders with a Harborfreight near by. Hey, I don’t see nothing wrong with a FREE digital multimeter. =)


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  1. Do NOT using this multimeter for any Ecig related activities. Actually don’t use this multimeter at all. It is not accurate enough to be useful. For anything.

    • This multimeter is of about the same caliber as anything else from harbor freight. Pretty terrible chinese crap. At least, one of the one’s I have is pretty shite. The other one works ok. Usually only off by about .2 when measuring voltage. That being said, I’d recommend taking a couple of friends, getting a few, and test them all on a full battery and figure out which one is the least shite.

    • Most multimeters you can open up and calibrate really easily. Haven’t opened this one up yet, but I may have to tonight to see if you can.

  2. fine print says origional coupon must be presented

  3. I’ve used this multimeter before and it is pretty accurate. The leads however can be shoddy. Meaning the probe can come dislodged from the lead wire. Just be mindful of that. It happened in my first but I got a second identical one (both were free).
    As far as accuracy, it will read about the same as my provari and ohm meter. It also reads as exact as my xtar vp1.

  4. Also, if the original coupon is required, just look in Maxim magazine at the back. There is usually a free HF coupon there. You can also find the coupons in the free circular that is sent to just about every mail recepient. The one with the grocery store ads.

  5. Touch the positive and negative probes together to see how much it is off by, and subtract that from your reading. These are the same as the ones other places sell for 10 or more $$$. If you really think these are so much cheaper then those box atomizer ohm meters you’re sadly mistaken.

  6. I think I have about twenty of these multimeters still in the wrapper from HF, the hardest part is finding info on how to check a 18650 battery or how to use the ohm resistance part.
    It took me awhile but found the info finally and it wasn’t that easy. It’s not as easy as it would seem. Using this to check a regular battery like a 9v or AA type is straight forward but not for checking lithium batteries, you have to turn these to 20 DCV and I really don’t know how to use it to check resistance, even though I bought alligator clips to put on the end of the probes I ended up buying a ohm checker from a vendor and now that’s simple.

    • It’s simple, plug the probe cable into the slot marked for ohms, and then just turn the dial to ohms. It would have taken only a few minutes to look it up.



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