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Freeman Vape Juice E-liquid Review - Part One

Freeman Vape Juice E-liquid Review – Part One

Disclosure: The Freeman Vape Juice product line was sent to me without purchase for the purposes of review. I will endeavor to provide a fair, unbiased, and comprehensive review of the products described below. These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Born a Freeman, Die a Freeman

When I accepted the position as eJuice reviewer for the site, I thought it sounded like a pretty good gig. Combining two things I already had a passion for (vaping and writing), with the added benefit of getting new products to review, and the chance to help others in my community with their purchasing decisions. I saw no downsides to the arrangement. My initial offering was the four bottles of juice I have previously reviewed, and I was pretty happy, all things considered. Then, when Jeremy emailed me and told me that Freeman Vape Juice wanted to send me their entire line, my excitement piqued. I was already familiar with the company and had purchased a bottle from them in the past, so I knew the level of quality they had before pulling the trigger. What I did not realize, as one evening I opened my door and found a five-pound (!) box on my deck, was that Paul Freeman was going to be sending me twenty 120ml bottles of eJuice to review. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted at the quantity, since I had just assumed they’d be sending me their 30ml bottles. That shock took over a week to wear off. With that being said, I now present to you, Part One of the Freeman Vape Juice review!

Packaging and Presentation

All Freeman Juices come in a Chubby Gorilla bottle and feature a similar label. A cream-colored label with a black outline, the left side of the label features the Freeman Vape Juice Logo, color-coded to the specific eJuice, and a logo often featuring the image of a Lumberjack blowing a cloud of vapor. Below that it lists the volume of the bottle, in both ml and oz. Along the entirety of the bottom is a nicotine advisory. On the right-hand side of the label is the customary Prop 65 warning, along with a spate of other warnings indicating not to ingest, not for pregnant women, etc. An ingredient list follows, along with the address of the manufacturer’s laboratory. Finally, each bottle has a listing of the 2-3 dominant flavor profiles in that particular eJuice. Absent is any mention of the PG/VG ratio (a quick Google search shows that all Freeman eJuices are 80/20), the manufacture date, or the expiration date. As usual, the lack of this information on the bottles might be a minor gripe, but it is something I take notice of, and also something that I’ve seen smaller, more boutique manufacturers add to their labels without any apparent difficulty. From the bottles I was sent, juice colors range from practically clear, to lemon yellow, to dark golden amber, without any indication as to whether this meant my bottles were fresh or pre-steeped.

Homecoming eJuice

Homecoming eJuice, one of the signature flavors from Freeman, stands out from its peers by blending the popular flavor of strawberries not with custard or milk, but with the warm, luscious old-fashioned dessert of rice pudding. Out of the bottle, Homecoming smells like a sweet, ripe strawberry, with no hint of the rice pudding beneath. Taking a taste on the hand, you get that strawberry taste once more but flanked by a taste of spice, reminiscent of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Once you load it up and take a pull of the juice, you’re immediately hit with that lovely strawberry flavor, syrupy and rich, followed by a wave of creamy, rich, vanilla-touched rice pudding, with the taste of that spice bringing up the rear. The lingering aftertaste is that of the rice pudding, the strawberry fading quickly to leave you with a full, creamy mouthfeel. Homecoming eJuice is definitely curious. Up until this point, I’ve never experienced another rice pudding eJuice, and the flavor profile really differentiates it from the dozens of strawberry-spiked juices on the market. At higher temps, the dessert flavor and spice become more prominent, without muting the strawberry flavor or pushing it completely out of the limelight.

All in all, out of the 20 flavors in Freeman’s juice line, this one turned out to be one of my favorites. Easily an ADV without burning out your palate. Different enough to make it stand out from many of its peers. I can’t recommend Homecoming eJuice enough.

Molten Valley eJuice

A little-known secret is that South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia (bringing to market literally double the amount Georgia did in 2018), and has done so for over 35 years. Peaches are also the state fruit of South Carolina, despite Georgia being called “The Peach State.” It’s a friendly rivalry, I assure you—but we don’t let them forget, either. That being said, Molten Valley eJuice encompasses the flavor of warm peach cobbler topped with a scoop of fresh homemade vanilla ice cream.

On smelling the juice, you get a faint, but sweet, scent of the peach with a touch of the vanilla. Tasting it on the finger, you get a warm, peachy flavor, with the taste of sugar-sprinkled cobbler crust on top. On vaping it, you get a hot dose of fresh peach slices mingled perfectly with vanilla and a touch of that crust. The peach flavor is very nice, sweet, but lacking some of that tartness that you get from a real peach. Also to note is that this is a warm vape; you think you’re going to get a cooling sensation from the ice cream flavor, but it’s warm cobbler all the way down.

The only thing I can add, for DIY mixologists, is that a little cinnamon added to the flavor profile would go a long way. I’ve never had a peach cobbler in real life that didn’t include cinnamon, either mixed into the filling or sprinkled with sugar on top to make a crackly texture on the crust. I feel like just a little bit of that flavor in the juice would accentuate it and make it taste that much more realistic. All things being equal, Molten Valley is a great eJuice; however, the unfortunate news is that Freeman is intending to retire this flavor soon. If it sounds like your thing, order it while you still can.

Imagine eJuice

Imagine eJuice is described as, “Just like the lemon tarts from your favorite bakery or coffee shop. A quick, succinct hit of lemon magnificently mellowed by the flaky, melt in your mouth crust.” And while I find this description fairly correct, I would classify it less as a lemon tart, and more like a fresh, gooey lemon bar/square.

Opening the bottle and taking a deep whiff, you’re punched in the olfactory senses with a tart, zingy, and deliciously lemony aroma, with a hint of graham cracker or shortbread on the back end. Taking a taste on your fingertip, you get more of that mouth-watering lemon flavor, coated with a heavy dusting of powdered sugar. When you finally vape it, your palate explodes with sweet, rich lemon curd the color of egg yolk, tingling your taste buds with tartness without being overwhelming or puckery sour. On the back end, you get that lovely mouth-coating creaminess of powdered sugar, with just the slightest hint of the crust to remind you that you’re not just eating the lemon filling with a spoon. The lemon fades away after a few moments, leaving the pillowy mounds of sugar behind as the aftertaste, as the dense, opaque clouds roll from your mouth and nose like a waterfall.

I found Imagine eJuice to be an exceedingly satisfying vape for both flavor and cloud production. It quickly ascended to become one of my favorite dessert eJuices. Definitely an ADV for me.

Strawb Lights eJuice

Freeman has several flavors with strawberry as the base of their flavor profile, and with Strawb Lights, Paul and Co. mix together that classic combination of juicy strawberries with the tangy but not overbearing taste of ripe kiwifruit, all arrayed on top of a crisp tart crust.

When you open the bottle, the aroma wafting up will instantly hit you with a sweet and sour kiwi scent with the undertone of strawberry. The taste on the hand or finger does a 180°, getting a strong hit of the strawberry with the kiwi moving to the back end. That flavor continues into the actual vaping of Strawb Lights, with the strawberry being a fresh, sweet flavor and not a candy-ish taste, singing in harmony with the zesty kiwifruit. Finally, the aftertaste leaves you with the shortcrust pastry of a freshly baked tart, the flavor of the red berry lingering slightly longer than its brown-skinned partner.

Strawb Lights is a perfectly harmonious blend of fruit and pastry, but not sickeningly sweet, as is the case with all of Freeman’s juices. They have really mastered the art of subtlety with the level of sugariness in their creations, creating a line of eJuices that vape clean and smooth, with barely a hint of throat hit and a level of sweetness that lets you enjoy them all day long without your taste buds getting fatigued. Even the juices in the line I wouldn’t consider using as an ADV are delicious in short bursts before rotating to another flavor. Strawb Lights isn’t my favorite strawberry eJuice from Freeman, but it deservedly earns an honorable mention here.

1885 eJuice

The eJuice called 1885 by Freeman is so named because this was allegedly the year the term “milkshake” was first used in print in a British newspaper. However, the veracity of this claim, despite extensive Googling, could not be confirmed by me to be accurate in spite of it being quoted ad nauseam by articles on the history of the drink. The only article I could find that actually cited the word in a period article was in the Atlanta Constitution newspaper on May 17th, 1886, claiming that the drink was invented in soda fountains in said city, and the recipe contained no ice cream as in modern versions of the drink. Nevertheless, whether the date and name are accurate, what you get in Freeman’s 1885 eJuice is a creamy, delightful vanilla milkshake flavor.

When you first take a whiff of the juice, you’re hit with a cloying, almost medicinal scent of vanilla. The kind of strong punch to the nose that taking a deep breath from a bottle of pure vanilla extract will give you. Tasting it on the hand, however, you get the most amazing flavor of real vanilla bean and cream, with a slight peppery note from the nicotine. When you do vape it, that flavor carries through. A beautifully decadent, natural tasting vanilla floating on top of a creamy, rich, milky base note. Both flavors linger for only a few moments before evaporating off your tongue, leaving you wanting for another strong pull to replicate the last.

There’s a reason why 1885 is Freeman’s best-selling flavor. A clean juice that doesn’t quickly foul coils, 1885 has two additional things to note. Firstly, of all twenty juices in the Freeman line, 1885 produces the biggest clouds. Big, fluffy, voluminous plumes of opaque vapor erupt from your mouth at even the slightest toke. Cloud chasers take note. Secondly, like the majority of Freeman’s eJuices, 1885 only really sings if you vape it at high temperatures. Anything below 70 watts and the flavor is so subtle as to make you think there’s something wrong with the juice. And you DIY mixologists are going to love blending this simple, but richly flavored eJuice with all manner of fruit- and drink-based juices. Simply put, if you love the taste of vanilla but are wary of the constant barrage of eggy custard-based juices, this is the first juice from this company you should try. I wholeheartedly endorse 1885 eJuice from Freeman.

Banana Chase eJuice

Banana Chase eJuice is the newest in Freeman’s line of juices and was so named because one of their loyal customers, a fella named Chase Hunt, suggested the flavor. Listed on their website as “a fluffy, blissful creamy classic banana bread,” this juice hits all the right notes as a perfect approximation of the classic quick bread/dessert.

On opening the bottle and getting a good whiff, your nose is hit with the scent of banana candy, that classic, funky, banana-but-not-quite flavor that you find in Runts and banana-flavored Popsicles. On tasting a drop of it, however, that weird flavor isn’t present at all, and you’re hit with a lovely, realistic Cavendish banana flavor with just a hint of vanilla and butter; a tiny window into the world of deliciousness you’re about to enter.

With the preliminaries out of the way, you paint this amber-colored juice onto your cotton and take a nice big rip, and your mouth is filled with banana bread as though you’ve just taken a bite of the real thing. Sweet banana flavor mingling in joyous harmony with vanilla and a sprinkling of cinnamon; a rich, well-rounded bakery mouthfeel that lingers on the tongue for a few exceptional seconds, before fading away to the slightest aftertaste of fresh sweet creamery butter.

Banana Chase is nothing short of magnificent. In the seven years, I have been vaping, not another single eJuice have I tried, both in sampling or in all-day use, has come this close to realistically and accurately portraying the taste of the food it’s attempting to mimic. Instead of exhaling, close your eyes and lips, and let the flavor linger in your mouth. Sit back and let the vapor roll languidly out of your nostrils as you remember your mother or grandmother baking this homey treat for you on a lazy afternoon. How the scent of the baking bread would fill the house. How you’d slather a pat of butter on that still-warm first slice and watch it melt into the brown crumb, only to wash it down with a glass of icy cold milk. Let it take you back to that place in time, a better time, when life wasn’t so stressful and responsibility could wait until tomorrow. As an adult, pair this juice with a creamy latte or Irish Coffee, preferably around the after-dinner table with like-minded friends. Banana Chase from Freeman Vape Juice is a flavor meant to be savored and appreciated, not for cloud competitions or getting a buzz, but for contemplation, relaxation, and for recalling good memories or making new ones.

To Be Continued!

One thing that needs to be said about the entire line of Freeman Vape Juice is that, the higher the temperature/wattage you vape them at, the better they taste. As I mentioned several times in the reviews (and in particular for 1885), anything below 70 watts isn’t going to give you the full flavor profile of Freeman’s eJuices, and that is true of all of their line. Whether that’s because of their PG/VG blend of 80/20, or some other factor I couldn’t comprehend, the simple truth is the warmer you vape them, the better they taste.

In any case, if anyone was wondering, I have not reviewed these eJuices in any particular order. These were the juices that, at the time of writing, really demanded in my mind to be written about. In the coming weeks, I will review the other fourteen juices in Freeman’s lineup, and unlike this first part, not all of the remaining juices I have positive impressions of. Which of Freeman’s flavors didn’t I like? You’ll just have to wait and see.


Having started vaping as a way to stop using cigarettes, Lukas metamorphosed into a regular vape enthusiast over the past seven years. Utilizing his extensive knowledge and problem-solving skills as a regular at his local vape shop, it only made sense to parley that, along with his writing skills, into making vape juice reviews. While conspicuously absent from social media, the 35-year-old former chef now uses his free time by making spectacular home-cooked meals, reading voraciously, and dabbling in multiplayer computer games. Oh yeah, and he vapes too.

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