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Freeman Vape Juice E-liquid Review - Part One

Freeman Vape Juice E-liquid Review – Part Two

Disclosure: The Freeman Vape Juice product line was sent to me without purchase for the purposes of review. You can use coupon code “198” to pick up a 30mL bottle for $1.98 (6 bottle limit), or coupon code “3433” to get 3x 120mL bottles for $33.60.  I will endeavor to provide a fair, unbiased, and comprehensive review of the products described below. These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Vice Cream eJuice

As is often stated but rarely true, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. And as was discussed in the previous review, 1885 is Freeman’s most popular juice, an excellent quality vanilla milkshake flavor. So, for some bewildering reason, despite having a great vanilla juice, Freeman also makes Vice Cream, a vanilla ice cream juice supposedly sandwiched between buttery sugar cookies. And to be honest, I really question the point of this juice existing.

Upon opening the bottle and taking a sniff, you get…practically nothing. A finger sample reveals a buttery taste, highlighting the sugar cookie, with a hint of vanilla on the back end. And on vaping it, you get, essentially, a muted, less flavorful version of 1885. The vanilla is there, to be sure, but it’s less potent. It’s like they took the vanilla flavor from their other juice and diluted it. And then there’s the sugar cookie, or more accurately, the absence thereof. You get the mildest, buttery taste on the back end of the puff, with zero lingering aftertaste to tempt you into wanting more. And that’s the biggest problem with this juice; it is just flat. No nuance, no complexity, it’s just weak vanilla with a hint of butter.

With such a superior juice as Freeman’s 1885, it makes you wonder what the point of Vice Cream really is. It doesn’t have any of that subtle nutty aroma that the more realistic vanilla in 1885 has, and the sugar cookie flavor is so faint as to almost be an afterthought. Were I in charge of juice development over at Freeman, I would have scrapped the sugar cookie angle and instead gone with, perhaps, a snickerdoodle flavor, with a good hit of nutmeg and cinnamon on the back end of the flavor profile to distinguish it from the other vanilla juice that they make. Likewise, if you do choose to get this juice, I would suggest adding a drop or two of a cinnamon ejuice to it, to at least bring the flavor to life. Otherwise, I really can’t recommend Vice Cream over 1885. It’s simply a lesser quality juice.

Ruth’s Loot eJuice

In stark contrast to Vice Cream comes Ruth’s Loot. Named in honor of Ruth Wakefield, who in 1938 invented the chocolate chip cookie, Ruth’s Loot is an amazing and accurate facsimile of the infamous Toll House cookies, whose recipe has been printed on the back of each bag of Nestle’s chocolate chips since 1939.

When you open up your bottle and take a sniff, you’re initially hit with nothing but a slight scent of butter. But take some on your finger and taste it, and oh boy. Chocolate, brown sugar, butter, and the peppery tingle of nicotine hit you in the mouth with a flavor just like a Grandmother’s afternoon kitchen.

As you vape Ruth’s Loot, your senses are immediately awash in the flavor and scent of a genuine, homemade, warm chocolate chip cookie. The first taste that hits your mouth is the brown sugar and vanilla, with the butter trailing not far behind. Then with a wallop, the taste of the chocolate chips smacks into your taste buds and lingers for long moments after you’ve exhaled, leaving you greedy for another puff.

While chocolate chip cookies were never my absolute favorite cookie growing up (That honor fell to snickerdoodles and ginger snaps), I had a lovely grandmother who could bake circles around anyone and I had my share of those warm, comforting cookies. It’s amazing to think that they haven’t even been around a hundred years, and yet are as timelessly classic, as American as baseball and apple pie. It really throws into sharp focus just how amazing Freeman’s juices are, and how accurately they can resemble the real food they’re attempting to emulate. Like with their Banana Chase ejuice, Ruth’s Loot is as close to the real thing as you could ever hope for and is definitely worth trying if you like dessert e-juices.

Cococaine eJuice

Rounding out the trifecta of cookie-flavored ejuices from Freeman comes Cococaine. Don’t let the name or the subtle description of, “A very crunchy, delicious cookie topped with toasted coconut,” fool you. This ejuice is a damn near carbon copy of the Girl Scout cookie classic, Samoa. Known in some regions as Caramel Delights, this coconut, caramel, and chocolate cookies are one of the top-selling Girl Scout cookies and with good reason, as they’re utterly delicious and addictive, hence the name of the ejuice.

Upon testing the scent of Cococaine, you’re hit primarily with the odor of sweetened coconut, as you’d expect. Tasting it, you get a wave of coconut flavor washing over your tongue, along with the familiar almost-burnt taste of caramel riding shotgun. Taking a deep draw on the ejuice from your vape, and again, your mouth is filled with a slightly-less dominant taste of the coconut, with the caramel playing a stronger note, and the chocolate rounding out the profile and completing the aftertaste, lingering for many seconds after you’d ejected the plume of fluffy white opaque vapor from your lips and nostrils. Higher wattages bring out more of the caramel sweetness, while not constraining the coconut and chocolate in their three-part harmony.

It took me a long time to pin down the flavor notes on this gem of an ejuice, having not purchased or even eaten Girl Scout cookies in many a year, but once the notion popped into my head, the essence of the juice became chiseled into my mind. Props to Freeman for being so subtle about the wording of their description as to avoid any lawsuit-happy copyright attorneys, because until I figured it out on my own, I had no idea what Cococaine reminded me of, only that it absolutely did. To put it simply, Freeman is two for three on the cookie-flavored ejuices, and while I still find Vice Cream to be disappointingly one-note, Ruth’s Loot and Cococaine almost completely make up for its mediocrity.

Cherry Express eJuice

Following on with the dessert ejuice train, we have Cherry Express. Described by Freeman as “Cherry Pie with two scoops of vanilla ice cream,” this is yet another juice that emulates its authentic counterpart in a beautiful way.

When the Chubby Gorilla bottle is cracked open and you take a whiff, you get the odor of fresh cherries; not cough syrup, not cherry candies, real fresh ripe cherries. A taste on the hand gives you a slightly muted cherry flavor, with perhaps the tiniest hint of vanilla hiding behind it. On vaping it, you get that full, rounded cherry flavor once more, sweet and tart, with again a mild hint of vanilla. The aftertaste is the only place you get any sort of pastry flavor, as the nutty crust comes out for a peek as the cherry and vanilla fades off your palate. Higher temps bring out more of the cherry flavor while reducing the vanilla to almost nonexistence.

To me, personally, this is less of a cherry pie, and more of a cherry danish, but the fact remains that this is a fabulous cherry ejuice. Freeman has this almost magical ability to make realistic dessert ejuice flavors, and while the cherry taste dominates this particular juice, that’s something you would expect from a real cherry pie. I wish there was more to say about Cherry Express, as cherry is one of my favorite fruits, but it’s just a simple, good, realistic cherry flavor. If you’ve tried cherry ejuices in the past and been disappointed, I can promise you won’t be by Cherry Express.

Fall Spirit eJuice

It would be remiss of me, before autumn turns slowly to winter, to not review the Freeman ejuice named Fall Spirit. While there could be any number of flavors that one associate with this season, the flavor Freeman chose to represent with was a delicious Caramel Apple ejuice.

On the inhale, your nostrils are filled with the scent of a lovely, tart apple aroma that alludes to an apple candy flavor. However, on tasting it, you get a much more realistic apple flavor, almost like an apple cider. You really don’t get any caramel notes until you take a puff, upon which that cidery flavor is enrobed with an almost too-sweet caramel taste, both of which linger long into the aftertaste, with the final note in your mouth is a slightly bitter, earthy hint of apple, like the last remnants of the fruit’s skin are what is left in your mouth after chewing the rest of the treat away.

This one took a long, long time to grow on me. Initially, I thought (and somewhat still do) that the juice was too sweet, as I’m used to tart apples like Granny Smith or McIntosh being the base for a caramel apple, whereas this more closely reminds me of Honeycrisp or Gala apples in terms of flavor. Not artificial in the least, just not what I was expecting. As the season wore on, however, and I got my first taste of delicious cold apple cider (and a warm, delicious cider doughnut) did I find my personal appeal for this juice increasing.

Again, as with most Freeman juices, the higher the temp you vape it at, the better the flavor and cloud production. If you like to mix it up, a drop or two of a cinnamon ejuice would only serve to elevate this flavor blend more. The closest thing I can compare it to would be a slightly less tart version of Reds Apple ejuice, mixed 50-50 with caramel. Not a bad ejuice by any means, but not an ADV for me, as I tire quickly of sweet blends.

Icebound eJuice

While Freeman only has two mentholated flavors (three technically, as they offer a mint flavor as well), they’re both spectacular, and Icebound is the first up on the docket. Described on their website as, “A true authentic menthol e-juice flavor, carefully mixed with ripe blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. To top it all off, watermelon flavor,” I can say that I was cautiously optimistic about reviewing this juice.

The smell right out of the bottle is, without a doubt, just as described, as you get both the berry medley odor mingled with a very authentic watermelon scent. If you know the fragrance of a cold, freshly sliced watermelon, then you know exactly what this ejuice smells like. Tasting it, on the other hand, and you’d think you just ate a mixed berry cough drop. In fact, I’d recommend against sampling it on the finger. It’s very unpleasant.

Vaping it, however, is another story. The first thing you get is a blast of cooling menthol, then the berries rush in, splattering all over your palate with a perfectly blended mixture. And through it all, mixed and mingled, is that fresh watermelon flavor. Sweet and lingering, the flavor perfectly matches a slice of cold watermelon, and is the last flavor on your tongue, even after the menthol has faded to a rejuvenating coolness in your nose and lungs.

I put this one off for a long time because (as I’ve said before) watermelon, in particular, is one of my least favorite ejuice flavors. However, with a little nudging from Jeremy, I loaded it up into my Profile and off I went, eventually growing a reluctant appreciation for it. Having started vaping with menthol flavors, I can respect the coolness of this ejuice, rivaling even well-known super cold juices like Frozen Hulk Tears. And the flavor of the fruit contained within is spot-on, especially the watermelon. Again, not another ADV for me, but for the life of me, I simply cannot say it’s a bad vape. If you like menthol and watermelon ejuices, then you’ll love Icebound.

Menthol Breakdown eJuice

The second of Freeman’s menthol flavors is called Menthol Breakdown, and it is COLD. Easily the strongest menthol of any ejuice I’ve yet to come across, even more so than the venerable Frozen Hulk Tears. As a mixed berry ejuice, the first scent you get when inhaling the scent is just that; a blend of what smells to me like strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry, much like Icebound without the watermelon.

Both the taste on the finger and the vape experience can be described as a wild berry cough drop. If you’ve ever had a Cepacol or Chloraseptic mixed berry cough lozenge with menthol, you will know exactly what this tastes like. The first thing that hits your palate is a wave of intense menthol, almost enough to knock you for a loop. Following along behind quickly is the flavor of the berries, along with a good hit of that Koolada flavor enhancer (AKA menthyl methyl lactate). I wish I could be more descriptive as to what berry flavors are present, but there’s just such a strong cooling sensation to the juice that it defies categorization.

In the first half of the year, I came down with a bad case of the flu, which lasted almost an entire month. For the middle two weeks of it, I had to stop vaping because it was irritating my (obviously) sore throat. Suffice it to say, if I had Menthol Breakdown at the time, it would have been my ADV. Coming from someone who’s vaped a pure menthol ejuice, this is by far the coldest ejuice I’ve ever encountered. The way you’re hit with a burst of menthol front and center, along with the Koolada effect chilling your entire mouth and subsequent breaths, makes me hope that I still have this ejuice at hand for my inevitable next cold or flu. While I’ve long since strayed away from using only mentholated ejuices for vaping, I can confidently state that Menthol Breakdown, along with Icebound, is going to remain in my list of recommended blends.


Having started vaping as a way to stop using cigarettes, Lukas metamorphosed into a regular vape enthusiast over the past seven years. Utilizing his extensive knowledge and problem-solving skills as a regular at his local vape shop, it only made sense to parley that, along with his writing skills, into making vape juice reviews. While conspicuously absent from social media, the 35-year-old former chef now uses his free time by making spectacular home-cooked meals, reading voraciously, and dabbling in multiplayer computer games. Oh yeah, and he vapes too.

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