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Kangertech Aerotank Base $5.99

Already have a Protank, Protank 2 or Protank 3 and considering the new Aerotank. Have I got a deal for you. Instead of paying the $20 something plus to cop the new Aerotank. Why not just buy the Kangertech Aerotank Base instead? Cost? A mere $5.99 over at Sun-Vapers. Basically… all you have to do is replace your existing base with the new Kangertech Aerotank Base. And, now you now have airflow control! All I can say is that it’s kinda awesome that Sun-Vapers is already offering this part. Especially since the Aerotank has just started to hit the market.


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One comment

  1. I ordered some of these to try them out. I had some PT 2’s and 3’s sitting in a drawer that wasn’t being used because i couldn’t stand the airy draw and preferred my Iclear 30 and Iclear 30S tanks. I figured I would give these a try and see if i could tighten up the draw. I have been using them the past few days and all I can say is WOW what a huge difference these made.
    You can adjust them from a really airy draw (even more airy than the stock Protanks) to a REALLY tight draw.
    The quality is nothing spectacular and could be better. Unfortunately the adjustment ring has no detents or positive stops and spins VERY easily so on my mech mods with bottom firing button I constantly have to re-adjust the flow because when I hit the fire button with my finger it will spin the adjustment ring. I was hoping it was just a bad one but I bought six and there all the same.
    It also makes the tank a little taller so unlike a stock protank which sits a little to low (for my preference) in a VTR with one of these it works great.
    If you would like either an airier draw or a tighter draw than the stock Protank 2’s and 3’s have then you will like these. A much cheaper option than buying a whole new tank.