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Keep it 100 E-liquid 100mL (10 Flavors) $7.65

Keep it 100 E-liquid 100mL (10 Flavors) $7.65

It looks like Empire did a price drop on the entire Keep it 100 E-liquid line.  The 100mL bottles are now on sale for $9 each.  That’s already a solid deal, but let’s throw in a coupon code for good measure.  Just use code “VDEALS” at checkout and you’ll get an extra 15% off your order (1 use per customer).  That works out to just $7.65 per bottle.  They have 10 different flavors available: Berry Au Lait, Maui Blast, OG Krunch, OG Island Fusion, OG Tropical Blue, OG Summer Blue, OG Blue Iced, OG Blue, Shake, and Mango Nic Salt.  As always, keep in mind that shipping is FREE when you spend $100 or more (US orders only).

Use Coupon Code: VDEALS (1 use per customer)


Keep it 100 E-liquid 100mL (14 Flavors) $7.50

Keep it 100 E-liquid 100mL (14 Flavors) $7.50Here’s another solid deal from our friends over at FlawlessVapeShop.  They’ve got the entire line of Keep it 100 E-liquid on sale right now (excluding nic salts).  You can pick up the 100mL bottles for only $7.50 each!  Just be sure to apply coupon code “MEMORIAL25” at checkout to get the extra 25% off your entire order.  They have a huge variety of flavors available too (14 different options!), so there’s a good chance you’ll find a few that interest you.  It looks like a nice blend of desserts, fruits, and candy.  If you’ve ever tried to Keep it 100 E-liquid before, feel free to let the VAPE DEALS community know which flavors you recommend in the comments down below.

Use Coupon Code: MEMORIAL25 (expired)

Keep it 100 E-liquid

  • Flavor Profile:
    • Apple Cider Donut: Freshly-baked apple cider doughnut coated in cinnamon and sugar.
    • Blue Slushie: Your favorite, ice-cold, convenience store blue raspberry drink with a hint of strawberry.
    • Blue Slushie Iced: Enhances the original Blue Slushie with a cooling menthol backdrop that brings both the strawberries and raspberries in the equation to full life.
    • Birthday Shake: A dessert flavor that fuses freshly baked moist cake with a touch of vanilla cream malt.
    • Blue Slushie Lemonade: An ice-cold, convenience store blue raspberry and strawberry drink blended with lemonade.
    • Blue Slushie Tropical: Ripe blueberry, plump strawberry, and tart raspberry blended with a tropical twist to create a unique E-Juice flavor.
    • Kiberry Killa: A delicious tropical blend of sweet strawberries balanced with a hint of slightly tart kiwi.
    • Krunchy Squares: Your favorite french toast cereal with a hint of cinnamon all drenched in ice-cold milk.
    • Mallow Man: A freshly-baked sugar cookie coated with gooey melted marshmallow deliciousness.
    • Nilla Almond: A refreshing blend of milk and rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of almond milk nuttiness.
    • Peachy Punch: A delectable summer blend of juicy peaches, ripe apples, and sweet mangoes.
    • Pink Bursts: Your favorite pink strawberry chewy candy with a flavor explosion in every vape!
    • Strawberry Milk: The ultimate summer-time dessert refreshment in a creamy strawberry milkshake.
    • Tropical Blast: A tropical blend of the most amazing fruits on Earth!
  • Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
  • VG / PG Ratio: 70/30
  • Bottle Size: 100mL

Keep it 100 E-liquid Nic Salts

  • Flavor Profile:
    • Blue Razz: Sweet strawberries and mystical blue raspberries are blended together to create this refreshing Blue Slushie.
    • Mango: A juicy explosion of perfectly ripened mangoes, fresh-picked and packed into an incomparable blend of citrus fruits, and a tropical twist that you don’t want to miss out on.
    • Mint: A refreshing nic salt infusion of icy cool spearmint with a slightly sweet undertone.
    • Tobacco: A balanced sweet and creamy, yet unmistakably bold tobacco that’s sure to become your next go-to salt!
  • Nicotine Levels: 40mg
  • VG / PG Ratio: 50/50
  • Bottle Size: 30mL
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