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EjuiceDeals Mystery eJuice Grab Bag $21.99 (300+ ML)

EjuiceDeals Mystery eJuice Grab Bag $21.99 (300+ ML)

Act fast and you can get a good deal on the eJuice mystery box over at Ejuice Deals.  They have the 300mL option in stock and on sale for $21.99.  That’s already a pretty decent deal in my book.  Plus, you can still use the coupon code “TREAT” at checkout to save an additional 35% on your purchase.  Check it out and stock up while you can. #jusaying

Offers a fun way to try out new flavors, without spending hours deciding on what flavor you should select to try next! Let us take the frustration out of online shopping and we’ll send a complete mystery!


MyVPro Mystery E-liquid Bundle Deals $10.95MyVPro just released 2 new Mystery E-liquid Bundle Deals for the holidays.  To be fair, they actually released 3…but one of them already sold out.  With that in mind, you’ll probably want to jump on this one fast.  Let’s start with regular e-liquid.  You can get a 240 – 300mL bundle for $10.95 (0mg), $16.95 (3mg), or $15.95 (6mg).  If you’re a nic salt fan, you can order their 90 – 150mL bundle (45 – 55mg nicotine) for $15.95.  It sounds like a solid deal either way.  If you’re looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts for your fellow vapers, this might be the way to go (just give them all the flavors you don’t want! 😊).  Also, keep in mind that you can still use coupon code “FREESHIP25” to get free shipping on orders over $25.

Come one, come all to the magnificent Myvpro Mystery page. For just a nominal fee you will receive a random bundle of e-liquid drawn from our vault.  These are picked from E-liquid we have stocked on the website, these are not just random samples we receive, to ensure you’re able to re-order any liquid that you enjoy from the bundle.

Use Coupon Code: FREESHIP25 (Free Shipping $25+)

FlawlessVapeShop Super Secret Mystery Bottle $0.99

FlawlessVapeShop 300mL Mystery Bundle $9.00It looks like FlawlessVapeShop decided to bring back their Super Secret Mystery Bottle deal.  You can pick up a random bottle of premium e-liquid for only $0.99!  That’s a helluva deal, just please keep in mind that this is TOTALLY random.  You can’t choose your flavor, size, or even the nic level.  So, you might get a 120mL/3mg bottle, a 60mL/0mg bottle, or even a 30mL/48mg bottle of nic salt.  It’s definitely a gamble, but think of it this way: if you buy 5 bottles and only end up with one flavor that you like, you still got a great deal.  Vape what you like, give away what you don’t!  This promo will only be around for a limited time, so don’t wait too long to stop by.  And, as always, keep in mind that FlawlessVapeShop offers FREE shipping when you spend $100 or more (US orders only).

FlawlessVapeShop Super Secret Mystery Bottle

The Title says it all. What you may receive:

Freebase nicotine bottle in 0MG, 3MG or 6MG in sizes 30ml, 60ml, 100ml or 120ml

Salt Nic: 24 through 50mg in 30ml size bottle

For .99 you will receive one Random Bottle of vape juiceNon Expired Spring cleaning juice. Our loss is your gain. No Requests, Order more than 10 bottles you may get duplicates.

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