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Nude APK eJuice Review: Autumn in a Bottle

Nude APK eJuice Review: Autumn in a Bottle

Disclosure: The APK eJuice in this review was provided by  You can pick up a 120mL bottle for $9 or a 240mL bundle pack for $13.50 with coupon code “EJReview” (10% off all orders, no expiration, one use per customer).  Although the e-liquid was sent to me for free, that does not affect my opinion in any way.

Not Just a Flightless Bird

Kiwifruit is an odd duck, so to speak, of the agricultural world. Originally called Chinese gooseberries, they were first domestically cultivated in the 1940s in New Zealand, where some smart marketing changed the name to what we call it today. Interestingly, the brown, fuzzy skin of the kiwifruit is completely edible, and they don’t have to be peeled to be enjoyed; indeed, the majority of the Vitamin C (Of which a serving of kiwifruit has over 100% of your daily value) is contained in the skin. Growing on a vine rather than on a tree or shrub, the fruit has a growing season comprising 3/4s of the year, depending on growing conditions; the most well-known variety of kiwifruit in North America, however, would be considered an autumn fruit. It makes perfect sense, then, for TownVapor, the creators of the Nude eJuice line, to combine kiwifruit with two other autumn fruits to make APK eJuice, an apple/pear/kiwi flavored vape liquid.

Nude APK Packaging and Presentation

Arriving in a chubby gorilla bottle, the matte white-label of APK eJuice is contrasted by golden foil printing, subtly embellished with palm fronds of a slightly lighter, silvery hue. The decoration is sparse, mature, and minimalist, avoiding the trap of violent splashes of color or gimmicky names that could be misconstrued as marketing aimed towards the underage. A nicotine advisory is printed boldly along the bottom edge of the label; Prop 65 warning, ingredients list, UPC bar, and manufacturer information are included on either side of the main body of the label. I also like the fact that it includes the location where the juice was manufactured. I also would have liked to see a bottling date either on the label or the bottle itself, but this was absent. Also conspicuously missing was any indication of the PG/VG blend; not even the company’s official website had that information, and I had to look up an online retailer to confirm it was a 70/30 mix. Definitely a piece of information that shouldn’t be left off a bottle of juice, especially one that is sold sans outer container or box that could have more informative text printed on it.

The Run-Down

Now onto the juice. Cracking the seal and squeezing the bottle, APK eJuice smells like apples and pears out of the bottle, with the scent of the pear gently, but insistently, nudging its way out in front of the apple scent. I could not detect any of the aforementioned kiwis on the fragrance. Placing a drop on the hand and tasting it, the flavor matched the aroma, but with the slightest hint of kiwi in the mix making itself known. If you blindfolded me and asked me to determine the flavor by smell or taste alone, I wouldn’t be able to tell you there was any kiwifruit in it. Moving on to actual vaping, at my regular wattage of 55, the blend is more 50/50 apples to pears, with perhaps the slightest pinch of kiwi in there; certainly, none of the acidity of a real kiwifruit is present. Diving deeper, the apple flavor strikes me as being a Fuji, mellow and sweet, and again, without any acidity. The pear flavor is unmistakably Bartlett; the retailer claims that the pear in question is a d’Anjou, but I’ve eaten enough pears in my life to know the difference. Altogether, the blend of APK eJuice is super sweet, but light and not cloying or overwhelming on the pallet. It brings to mind opening your lunchbox in elementary school, only to find and get to eat a delicious can of old-school Del Monte fruit cocktail.

Running it at a higher temp/wattage definitely brings out a lot more of the kiwi notes, but again, not that tartness that a real kiwi would have (And that’s no complaint; adding acidity to this juice would take away from, rather than improve, the flavor profile). As this juice is very light in color and not over-sweet, I expect it to not be coil fouler; however, it does like to linger for a LONG time in the cotton, which might be a negative for people who like to swap flavors frequently.

Final Thoughts On Nude APK

If Reds made a pear-apple juice, this is what it would taste like, but at over half the price. Personally, I could see myself using APK eJuice as an all-day vape for a while, which is surprising because I generally prefer sour/tart juices. I would recommend this juice to people who enjoy the Reds line of juices; those who are looking for a sweet, smooth apple OR pear juice; someone who wants a fruit flavor that doesn’t blow out your taste buds; anyone wanting a tasty, light juice for the autumn season. For DIY flavor mixing, I could see this combining well with a vanilla custard or a splash of cinnamon, but juices with stronger flavors will blow this one out. Menthol, if used with a light hand, adds a lovely cooling sensation to the inhale (And indeed, TownVapor sells a menthol version of this juice) and would be refreshing during the last few lingering hot days before we dive head-first into fall. All in all, APK eJuice from TownVapor is surprisingly delightful, and one I’m going to enjoy all the way through autumn.


Having started vaping as a way to stop using cigarettes, Lukas metamorphosed into a regular vape enthusiast over the past seven years. Utilizing his extensive knowledge and problem-solving skills as a regular at his local vape shop, it only made sense to parley that, along with his writing skills, into making vape juice reviews. While conspicuously absent from social media, the 35-year-old former chef now uses his free time by making spectacular home-cooked meals, reading voraciously, and dabbling in multiplayer computer games. Oh yeah, and he vapes too.

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