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Coil Father Bravo Organic Cotton 2-Packs (+FS) $3.11

Coil Father Bravo Organic Cotton 2-Packs (+FS) $3.11

Here’s another fantastic wicking deal from the team over at Fasttech.  Forget about that $6+ price tag for some of those premium brands, you can pick up some Coil Father Bravo Organic Cotton for about $1.55 per bag!  Fasttech recently dropped the price of the 2-pack bundle down to only $3.11, no coupon code needed.  And, of course, that includes Worldwide Free Shipping too.  That’s a huge bonus since some overseas vendors charge an extra $5 for shipping fees alone.  I haven’t tried this stuff yet, but the customer reviews are really good so it’s definitely going on my wish list!  It’s not often you can find quality cotton for a low price like this.

Bravo Cotton is designed for dripping lovers. We select 100% organic cotton and take it through a thorough purification process to remove impurities and natural oil. It doesn’t require a “break-in period”, and provides a clean flavor from your first pull to your last. No boiling necessary, simply pinch, tear, and vape!


Wotofo XFiber Organic Cotton Strips 30-Pack $3.28

If you’re a fan of shoelace-style cotton strips, here’s your chance to stock up on the cheap.  MFS recently moved the 30-packs of Wotofo XFiber Organic Cotton to their Hot Deals section.  Their new low price is $3.95, which is comparable to what most vendors are charging for a 10-pack.  But this deal gets even better, thanks to their Labor Day Sale.  You can get an extra 17% off everything in this section when you apply coupon code “LABORDAY20” at checkout.  That works out to just $3.28 per pack!  I had a quick look around and the average price appears to be about $7 – $10, so this seems like a fantastic deal to me.  It won’t be around for long though.  The coupon code officially expires TODAY (9/9) at 11:55 pm EST.  Take advantage of it while you can.

As always, keep in mind that MFS offers FREE shipping on US orders over $35.  And be sure to check out the rest of their clearance sale while you’re there too (link below).

Use Coupon Code: LABORDAY20 (expires 9/9/20)

Steam Crave Cotton Laces Bundle (5 Packs!) $12.40

Steam Crave Cotton Laces Bundle (5 Packs!) $12.40I briefly mentioned this deal in a post I wrote yesterday, but I thought it was worthy of some extra attention.  Fasttech is running a special deal on the new Steam Crave Cotton Laces.  You can pick up a 5-pack bundle (10 strips per pack) for only $12.40 right now!  No coupon code needed.  That works out to just $2.48 per bag, which is much more affordable than some of the other shoelace cotton on the market.  And, of course, you’ll get Worldwide Free Shipping too, which is a nice little bonus.

Please note that Steam Crave Cotton Laces were specifically designed for wicking mesh decks, so there’s a good chance they’ll be thicker than what you’re used to.  But that also means you’ll be getting more for your money (and you won’t need to stack multiple pieces together).  This is only a temporary price drop, so stop by soon if you’re interested.

Steam Crave Cotton Laces Specs

  • Dimensions: 7mm x 50mm
  • Hand Crafted Long Fiber
  • Superior Absorption
  • Long-Lasting
  • 5 Individual Bags of Steam Crave Cotton Laces
    • 10 Strips per Bag
    • 50 Pieces Total
  • Suitable for Mesh Deck / RBA / RTA / RDA / RDTA

Vapefly Organic Cotton Clouds 50’ Bundle $9.39

Vapefly Cotton Clouds 50’ Bundle (Free Shipping) $9.39This has to be one of the best cotton/wicking deals I’ve seen in a while.  I was just digging through some of the recent price drops at Fasttech and found a great deal on Vapefly Cotton Clouds.  You can order their 10-box bundle for only $9.39 right now, no coupon code needed!  We’re talking $0.94 per pack here, which is an absolute bargain.  Each pack includes 5’ of organic Japanese cotton, so you’ll be getting a total of 50 feet.  That should be enough to hold most vapers for a LONG time.  And, of course, this offer includes Worldwide Free Shipping too, so that’s one less expense to worry about.  This might only be a temporary price drop, so take advantage of it while you can.

Vapefly Cotton Clouds

  • 100% Organic Cotton from Japan
  • Perfect Fit for 3.0mm ID Coils
  • Less Waste – Cut the Length You Need
  • Total Length is 5ft per Pack
  • Bundle Includes 10 Packs of Vapefly Cotton Clouds
  • Great Absorption Capability
  • Cotton Dispenser Design
    • Metal Cotton Eyelet
    • Cotton Wrapped Within Box
  • Unbleached and Odorless

More Organic Cotton Deals! $4.30+

I’ve seen a ton of cotton/wicking deals over at Fasttech lately, so I thought I should give you guys a quick heads up.  The best deal I found is on XFKM Organic Cotton (by VCTOR Vape).  You can pick up a 5-pack bundle for only $4.30 right now!  And, of course, that includes Worldwide Free Shipping too.  Just be sure to apply coupon code “CNYRAT10” at checkout to get the extra 10% off (valid sitewide).  They have several other options available too—check out the links below.  Just remember that the coupon code expires TODAY (Thursday, 1/30), so you’ll have to jump on this one fast.

Use Coupon Code: CNYRAT10 (expires 1/30/20)

$4.30 XFKM Cotton (5 Packs)

Medical grade organic cotton made for vapers! XFKM Organic Cotton is the cleanest, best-tasting cotton on the market for vaping. It is made by vapers for vapers. This cotton does not add any unwanted flavor to your vape and it wicks incredibly well.

$5.76 PilotVape Cloud Cotton (5 Packs)

100% organic, medical-grade organic cotton made for vapers. The cleanest, best-tasting cotton on the market for vaping. It’s super absorbent and delivers superior flavorful and smooth throat hit.

$9.54 Vandy Vape Mesh Coil Cotton Laces (5 Packs)

Organic cotton. 100% tasteless cotton wick. No chemicals, pesticides, or bleach.

$9.76 Dovpo Vipers Cotton (5 Packs)

Vipers Cotton has been specifically created for your vaping needs! From Arizona, United States, through a series of purification processes to remove impurities and substances. No break-in. Amazing flavor.

$9.80 Coil Master Pro Cotton (5 Packs)

100% natural pure cotton material, a fine texture of absorbent cotton after the purified processes. No colorant, and no chemical treatment.

$13.09 Vapefly Firebolt Cotton (5 Packs)

Firebolt Cotton by Vapefly is specifically formulated for vaping. We select premium organic cotton from Japan, then take it through a special technology to remove impurities and natural oils.

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