K100 Starter Kit $38.89


The hits don’t stop today… How about a K100 Starter Kit for only $38.89 with FREE SHIPPING. I’ve been pimping FastTech precisely because of deals like this. Your will never find a better price than this. That is guaranteed! The K100 alone usually runs $35 + shipping at most other vendors. And …

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China GG + x8 Stainless Steel Tank Starter Kit $43.90


Ok were starting the week off with a bang so let’s cut to the chase. I have a crazy price on a crazy nice starter kit. Get this… you get a 2 tone China GG, a stainless steel x8 tank (with atomizer), 2 18350 batteries, 1 EU charger & 1 …

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Smok Tech E-Pipe (Chrome) IN STOCK! $44.99


The hottest MOD going right now are mechanical MODs. Why not take it a step further and puff on a mechanical e-pipe! That’s right… the Smok Tech e-pipe has been found IN STOCK and ready to ship. Your fingers better move fast though because as of writing this… there are only 18 …

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AGA-T2 RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) IN STOCK $22.79


If your looking for pound for pound the best RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) currently on the market… you don’t have to look much further than the AGA-T2. There are many reason the AGA-T2 stands apart from the crowd. It is completely constructed of  solid 304 grade stainless steel which makes it highly durable. …

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Stainless Steel VMAX Starter Kit $43.22


Imagine walking into your store and being able to buy a brand new stainless steel VMAX for $43.22. Now imagine after you buy you VMAX… the store owner gives you a Vivi Nova, 2 18350 batteries & a charger for free! No need to imagine because FastTech is hooking you …

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Caravella Clone Hybrid Mechanical MOD (PRE-ORDER) $52.95


Earlier this month on the vape auctions Facebook Group, a #200’s non-asterisk Caravella sold for over $1400! What’s even more insane was that a person was rumored to be watching the end of the auction so intently that he totaled his car in the process! Insert the Caravella clone… also …

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x6 Starter Kit (Variable Voltage) $35.95


The x6 starter kit is defiantly a game changer when compared to beginner & mid-level vape/ecig gear! It sports all of the features that anyone could ask for in a decent e-cig. The x6 starter kit features a 1300mAh battery capacity! That mean you will be able to vape for a full …

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Mini Vivi Nova Tank IN STOCK $3.34


The Mini Vivi Nova Tank has been the go to tank for the last few months. It has a reputation for being easy to use, clean & maintain. And, with replaceable atomizer heads… the mini vivi nova tank is no longer a use then throw away tank. It has become …

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