J2P Pisces MOD Telescopic Mechanical Clone $19.00


I hope this is a new trend on Fasttech. Clones don’t need to have the original logos in order to sell. Just give us solid mods at great prices and I’m sure they will sell in bunches. Take this J2P Pisces MOD clone for example. It’s a fully mechanical telescopic …

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Ecig MOD Carrying Case Sale 15% Off


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a deal on a ecig mod carrying case. I think that’s because all there seems to be available are those eGo cases that you see everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong… for the price… those eGo cases do the job. But, if you …

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Astro MOD By Kato Clone $24.00

Astro MOD By Kato Clone $24.00

The #clonewars are on again after last’s week’s brief interruption. Up next to bat… the Astro MOD by Kato. It features a stainless steel and brass telescopic body, laser-etched pattern & telescopic 510 center pin (brass). And if it’s anything like the last 2 “laser-etched” clone (the Chi You & …

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Trippy Tips New Batch (AD) Released! $29.95 & Up


A new batch of Trippy Tips have just hit DragonFly and I gotta say… most of them are nice, some are amazing & a few are just crazy. I’m serious. But don’t take my word for it. Head on over an check for yourself. Some of my favorites are A3, …

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Steamboy Storm Rider 2.1 RBA Clone $20.97


You know that for the past few months… the #clonewars had it’s sights squarely set on MODs. Now, don’t get me wrong… i’m not complaining. But, I did wish that better RBAs & RDAs would be available too. Well, it looks like the first shots have been fired at the …

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Puresmoker Going Out Of Business Sale 35% Off


I just saw that Puresmoker is closing up shop. It says so right on the front page of their website. And, as a thank you to all of there customers… the coupon code “ThankYou35” will get you 35% off your entire order. This might be a perfect time to pick …

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Nimbus Atomizer Clone RDA (Rebuildable Dripper) $5.23


With the Nemesis clone release today… you would think that I wouldn’t need to post anything else all day. But when a Nimbus Atomizer clone hits the web on the same day… how can I not post it? Here you go. 3 post design works with single, dual, and quad …

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Raven Nest DCT Cartomizer Tank $13.95


When we first posted about the Raven Nest DCT cartomizer tank a few months ago… it sold out with the quickness. Then… we didn’t hear much about it again. Until now that it. While it now costs a few dollars more this time around… there are 2 new colors! The …

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