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Red Dragon E-liquid by Fuggin Vapor – Mini Review!

Red Dragon E-liquid by Fuggin Vapor – Mini Review!

Disclosure: The Red Dragon E-liquid was purchased by me (this is not a sponsored review). If you’re interested in trying it, you can pick up a 120mL bottle from Fuggin Vapor Co for only $10 right now (coupon code “PREBF10”). This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Red Dragon E-liquid by Fuggin Vapor

Fuggin Vapor Company is a well-known and respected manufacturer of eJuice and is well-known for having a wide variety of flavors and incredibly good deals, especially on their own line of eJuices, often discounting 120ml bottles over 50% off or offering free shipping.  So today, I received a bottle of Red Dragon E-liquid from their Oh My Gush line, and the name is an understatement. Described as a mix of raspberry, cherry, and pomegranate, I purchased this bottle during their Veteran’s Day sale for only ten dollars plus shipping.

Upon opening the bottle and taking a deep inhale, you’re hit in the nose right away with an intense cherry candy scent, pouring out of the nozzle in a tidal wave of aroma. Tasting it on the hand, you get that hit of cherry, mixed with raspberry, with the slightest hint of tartness from the pomegranate and not a trace of pepperiness from nicotine (as always, I ordered 3mg).

Loading your cotton full of the crystal clear juice and taking a deep puff, you are hit with an absolute eruption of sweet berry flavor, almost to the point of being too sweet; The cherry is definitely the standout flavor on the inhale, with the other flavors riding shotgun not far behind, a subtle hint of tartness round out the taste profile nicely. As you exhale, all three fruits blend together in harmony, the cherry taking a step back to allow all three flavors to be distinct enough that you can differentiate between them, but also still lingering once the raspberry and pomegranate fade, leaving your mouth with the aftertaste of a cherry Jolly Rancher to entice you into taking another draw. At 65 watts, this juice sings with sweetness, putting out thick, voluminous clouds of vapor. Higher wattages seem to only serve to mute the sweetness, which may or may not be a con to you.

Currently, Fuggin is running a Pre-Black Friday Special which allows you to purchase any of their 120ml bottles for ten dollars, over 50% off the normal price. Also of note is that Fuggin produces a version of Red Dragon E-liquid with added menthol if you’d prefer a colder vape. If you’d like to purchase this or any other bottle of Fuggin’s eJuice line, you can use coupon code “PREBF10” at checkout.


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