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Smok Xpro M65 Mini Box Mod $47.99

101vape just stocked the Smok Xpro M65 Mini Box Mod at a decent price point. Just $47.99 + shipping charges. I’m pretty sure that this is the cheapest price that I’ve personally seen the Smok Xpro M65 sell for. And, they currently have two different colorways in stock: black and grey. If you’re in the market for a higher wattage regulated device but don’t want to break the bank… take a look at this mod.

  • Wattage Range: 6-65 Watts
  • Resistance: 0.2-4.0 Ohms
  • Spring Loaded Brass Pin
  • Small, Compact Size
  • DC-DC Flat Signal
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Micro USB Charging


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement




  1. Great little variable box. Many reports of “Decreased Power” problems where the chip automatically reduces by 5W. This is because the battery contacts must be uber clean. Some reports of lag for ramp-up from sleep mode, but 2 seconds is easy to get familiar.
    I wish the high drain 18650 life was longer, but I get ~8-10hrs @ 30W-35W from a VCT3 1600mah, so not bad. Bought a second one to have fresh charged. Removable battery is PITA with 4 tiny T6.5 torx screws to access battery removal. For this price, buy two to alleviate having to swap batts. Keep one on the charger.
    Passthrough is false. May be vaped while plugged in, but circuit interrupts charging while in-use until sleep screen.
    Comfy for tiny hands.
    Good buy if no defects as mass-produced China goes.
    I rate this 8/10

  2. you guys sure 121 is legit? less than 6 months old & is a retail outlet with a PO box as a contact address? Still looks a little shady to me. May not be though. I can be open minded. I’ll give them a few more months before I can trust them enough to put them in regular rotation. Just to be sure that they can handle the amount of traffic and orders without falling off on the customer service.

    • 121 is legit I just placed another order with them

    • Tony Del Barrio fell off. Shady as hell. Less time in the business than 121vapes, and you didn’t hesitate to post the deal. Sup with that?

      • exactly the reason why its so hard for me to post deals for vendors that I don’t know. i post something and people go crazy. i don’t post someone and other people go crazy.

        it’s not like i’m not letting everyone know about 121. i haven’t censored any comments here right? it just its very risky for me to post deals for “new” vendors without getting A LOT of feedback from people I trust. you can’t imagine how many emails I get daily asking for me to post their deals. at least 100+. And when I don’t respond (because they look shady) or ask for feedback I get even more emails (from people I’ve never heard of/from) vouching for the company. You can kinda see my dilemma. with that said… hopefully wakeandvape come through. the reason i took a chance with wakeandvape is that they have a eBay presense with a pretty decent feedback history as you can see here:

      • Tony Del Barrio

        Understood. I think I pissed her off somehow and she won’t fulfill the order with me. Tried ordering again, and she immediately refunded.

        I have heard she ships, but not same day like the site used to say…and communication is dangerous to her mood. Eh, I guess I can wait for an ipv4



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