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VAPE.DEALS is Looking for CBD Writers & Reviewers

First of all, thanks to everyone who responded to my original post.  I’m happy to say that we found some talented writers who are actively working on vape-related content for the site.  But…we’re still searching for someone to cover the CBD market.  If you have an interest in contributing, please feel free to contact me (info below).  We’re looking for 2 types of content:


We’d like to start featuring original articles about the CBD industry.  Examples: Tutorials, Beginner Tips, Industry News, User Experiences, etc.  Anything!  If you have an idea for an article, or if you’d be willing to tackle some specific assignments from us, please send me a message.  All approved content will automatically earn a free gift card after their article is published.


If you’d like to write reviews in exchange for FREE CBD products, please send me a written review to look over.  Never done a review?  Just grab your favorite product and write one up!  After we pick our favorites, we’ll arrange to have some free products mailed to you for review.

Qualifications: writers should be relatively experienced CBD users, age 21 or older.  That’s pretty much it!  Of course, it’s important to use proper grammar and impart some of your unique style/personality into the reviews too.  See below for writing tips.


Please contact me (Jeremy) if you are interested: [email protected]

**The subject line of your email should read: “CBD WRITER” + Your First and Last Name

Content Guidelines (Subject to Change)

  • All content must be 100% original (plagiarism will not be tolerated)
  • Articles must contain at least 1,500 words
  • For shipping reasons, writers must be located in the US
  • Writers must be 21 or older…and willing to prove it
  • Writers are free to promote themselves (website, blog, social media, YouTube, etc.)
  • Use of mild profanity is permitted, just try to keep it relatively clean
  • NO HEALTH CLAIMS (for legal reasons)
  • No affiliate links
  • Writers should be willing to address any comments on their posts
    • Must include at least 3 original pictures to use in the review
    • Must be submitted within 2 weeks of receiving product
    • 1 product at a time (after the review gets posted, we’ll get you more!)

Tips for Writing a Good Article

  • BE HONEST: The objective is to help consumers make an informed decision about purchasing and using products. Positive and negative opinions are equally welcome, just be clear about why you feel a particular way.
  • SPELL-CHECK: Articles with fewer spelling and grammar issues will always have an advantage. Take the time to proof-read your document before sending.
  • CATEGORIES: Articles are easier to read when you break them down into smaller categories.
  • DON’T DRAG IT OUT: Constantly remind yourself that most people don’t like to read anymore. To maintain your readers’ attention, you’ll need to keep things moving at a steady pace.
Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement