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Vaporesso Target 200 Review

VAPORESSO TARGET 200 Starter Kit – Full Review!

The VAPORESSO TARGET 200 Starter Kit in this review was provided by our friends over at Vaporesso. Feel free to refer to their site if you would like additional info on this device or any of their other products.


The VAPORESSO TARGET series will always have a special place in my heart. In late 2015, the owner of VapeDeals sent me an original Target 75W Kit to thank me for helping him out. He might have considered it a small gesture, but it meant the world to me. Seeing that ‘SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE’ printing on the bottom of the device made me feel like I was officially part of this industry. Whenever I reflect on my vaping journey, that memory is always one of the first to bubble to the surface.

Vaporesso Target 220W KitAlmost exactly 6 years later, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when a sample of the new VAPORESSO TARGET 200 Starter Kit landed on my doorstep.

At this point, I’ve owned every device in the lineup, and I’m thrilled that the Target family is still relevant in 2021. There are actually 3 new devices hitting the market: the TARGET 200 (dual 18650), TARGET 100 (single 2X700), and the TARGET 80 (internal 3000mAh battery). Yep, there’s something for everyone here. I’m mainly going to focus on the 200 version for this review, but I’ll briefly touch on the 100 version as well.

VAPORESSO TARGET 200 Features / Specs

  • Dimensions: 42.8 x 33.7 x 90mm
  • Colorways: Carbon Black, Navy Blue, Slate Grey, Forest Green, and Sunset Red
  • Uses Dual High Amp 18650 Batteries
    • Hinged Bottom Battery Door
    • Max Charge Rate: 2A
  • Output Wattage Range: 5 – 220W
  • TFT Display Screen: 0.96”
  • Braided Water-Resistant Grip
  • Durable Cage-Like Frame Structure

VAPORESSO iTank Features / Specs

  • Base Diameter: 25mm
  • Max E-liquid Capacity: 8mL
  • Swivel Top Fill Design
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow System
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatibility
  • Leak-resistant Design
  • Compatible with VAPORESSO GTi Coils

Packaging & Presentation

There’s no way for me to write this section without sounding like a broken record. For the past couple of years, VAPORESSO’S packaging and presentation have been pretty consistent…and I consider that a good thing. The box simply shows a picture of the product and emphasizes some of the key features. There’s nothing flashy or exciting here; it’s responsible branding for a product that is intended for adults. When you remove the outer sleeve, you’re left with a simple black box with a small VAPORESSO logo. Inside, you’ll find the following items presented securely:

[In the Box]

  • GTi 0.2Ω Mesh Coil
  • GTi 0.4Ω Mesh Coil
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • Spare O-rings
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual and Warranty Card

Vaporesso Target 200 Packaging

Build Quality, Design, & Ergonomics

Perhaps the proceeding gush fest isn’t the ideal place to start a review, but this just happens to be where the VAPORESSO TARGET 200 really shines. When I first held it in my hand, I distinctively thought to myself, “This is the best product VAPORESSO has ever made.” It’s stunning a device. Much like the popular Gen / Gen S, the TARGET 200 has an understated yet classy design. Looks are obviously subjective, so I won’t waste too much time here, suffice it to say that this mod ticks almost every box for me in this category.

Target 200 Vape KitWhen it comes to modern VAPORESSO devices, I’m continually impressed by the innovative finishes and textures. While other manufacturers seem to have a committed relationship with carbon fiber and leather accents, VAPORESSO often makes it a point to do something different. The grippy texture of the Gen, the IML panels of the LUXE series, and the diamond pattern on the XROS Mini are a few examples. With the TARGET 200, they’ve implemented a unique braided grip, which is said to be water-resistant. Using a fabric was a bold move with the potential to cheapen the appearance of the device…but it totally worked. The braided grips both look and feel amazing.

As far as ergonomics go, most of you already know what to expect. It’s very similar to devices like the Uwell Evdilo, SXmini G-Class, Oumier Rudder, Vapefly Kriemhild, etc. The TARGET 200 is surprisingly compact, feels great in the hand, and accommodates both thumb-firing and finger-firing equally well.

[Battery Door]

I was a little bummed by the fact that the VAPORESSO TARGET 200 has a hinged bottom battery door, but in all fairness, that was the only realistic option here. The door seats nicely; it’s not snug enough to damage your batteries, and not loose enough to open without deliberate effort.


Target 200 Box Mod with iTankWhile I’ve always been a fan of the AXON chip, I can’t deny that previous iterations (such as with the Target Mini 2) were somewhat complicated and difficult to navigate. Thankfully, the chip seems to undergo major improvements with every release and I think they finally nailed it with the new TARGET series. Yes, it still has all the great features for hobbyists to tinker with (aside from TC), but the interface has evolved into something much more intuitive. Most users won’t need the manual for this one. I figured out the basics after a minute or 2 of long-pressing and triple-clicking the fire and option buttons.


The TFT display is crisp, clean, and bright (but not too bright). VAPORESSO received a fair amount of criticism for the antiquated display of the Gen, but they made up for it here. My only complaint is with their choice of font sizes. The Wattage readout is massive, the Mode is medium-sized, and all the minor indicators (Ohms, Voltage, Puff Counter, Puff Timer) are tiny. I’m certain they could have found a better balance. Reducing the unnecessarily large wattage readout would have made everything else that much easier to read.

Vaporesso Target 200 100 Display Screen

It’s also worth noting that the color of the display automatically changes to indicate the working mode of the device:

  • Wattage: Cyan
  • F(t): Yellow
  • Pulse & DIY Modes: Red

I like this concept as it makes it obvious which mode you’re in at any given time. I’m sure anyone who’s accidentally slipped into Bypass or TC mode without realizing it will appreciate this feature as well. The only downside is that this is the only way to change the color of the display, which some might consider to be a con.

[510 Connection]

Gush fest over…time for a rant. Remember earlier when I said, “This is the best product VAPORESSO has ever made”? Well, I almost immediately followed that statement with, “NO! Why would they do that!!” This was in reference to the raised 510 platform; it extends about 3mm from the top of the mod. My assumption is this design choice was an attempt to reduce the apparent height of the mod. Personally, I’d prefer to have a 93mm mod with a flat 510 connection than a 90mm mod with a 3mm x 25mm eyesore. While it looks great with the included iTank, it drastically limits your other options. I only have a few attys in my collection that look acceptable on it.

Target 200 510 Compatibility


I don’t want to spend much time on the tank, mainly because I’ve come to the conclusion that sub-ohm tanks (even the best ones) just aren’t for me. The iTank is no exception. As far as pros go, I really dig the style. It’s gotta be one of VAPORESSO’S best-looking tanks to date. Flavor? I can firmly say that the GTi Coils deliver exactly what I’ve come to expect from a sub-ohm tank in 2021. The flavor isn’t noticeably better or worse than others that I’ve tried, but it’s very good, nonetheless.

Vaporesso iTankCons: The airflow can be a bit whistly depending on the setting. I prefer to close it down to about 30% which makes it much smoother (fully open, the iTank has a TON of airflow!). I’m also not crazy about the swivel-style top fill system. When using a 100/120mL bottle, I have to remove the drip tip to access the fill port. A simple quarter-turn system would have been a much better choice. Thankfully, it holds 8mL of e-liquid, so you won’t need to deal with it very often.

In short, the VAPORESSO iTank is a solid inclusion. If you’re looking for a complete starter kit or if you’re a fan of mesh tanks, I’d say it’s worth the extra $15 (roughly) investment.


Although the VAPORESSO TARGET 100 is not the focus of this review, it’s so similar to the TARGET 200 that I thought I should touch on it briefly. Essentially, the 100 is just a single 2X700 version of its big brother. The design/style, chip, display, tank, and coils are mostly the same. Aside from the battery and dimensions, the only major differences are the power output (100W) and the omission of a bubble glass for the iTank (straight glass only | 5mL capacity).

Vaporesso Target 200 and 100 Kits

Unfortunately, while the TARGET 100 battery door is the same hinge style, it’s much looser than the 200 version. Mine pops open without much effort, making me reluctant to take it with me when I’m on the go. I’m hoping this was just a flaw with the review samples, but I can’t say for sure. Still, it’s a serious letdown. If the TARGET 100 had a more secure battery door (and a flat 510 platform), it would have instantly become my favorite 2X700 device in my collection. It’s a slick little mod and the ergonomics are fantastic. Soooo close to perfection!



  • Build quality and durable finish
  • Compact size
  • Ergonomic
  • Water-resistant braided grips
  • TFT color display
  • Reliable AXON Chip with multiple modes (VW, VV, F(t), Pulse, Bypass)
  • Clicky and responsive buttons
  • USB Type-C Port
  • Locking the device only locks the power setting (not the firing button)
  • Solid sub-ohm tank (with 8mL e-liquid capacity)
  • Responsible packaging and minimal branding


  • No round-robin when adjusting power output
  • Tiny fonts on the display (ohms, puffs, and voltage)
  • Airflow whistle (iTank)
  • Swivel top-fill design (iTank)
  • Tight drip tip fitment (iTank)

[Potential Cons for Some]

  • Raised 510 platform (3mm x 25mm)
  • Can’t choose the color of the display
  • No temperature control
  • Not compatible with GTX coil family (iTank)
  • 510 drip tip (iTank)
  • Only bubble glass pieces are included with the 200 version (iTank)

VAPORESSO TARGET 200 – Final Thoughts

I wasn’t looking forward to writing this part. This review was meant to be objective, and yet I’m finding it difficult to exorcise my subjective demons from my fingers as I type. But I’m going to try…because the VAPORESSO TARGET 200 is undoubtedly deserving of praise. It’s a phenomenal device and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in many reviewers’ BEST OF 2021 lists at the end of the year. I almost wish VAPORESSO hadn’t included it in the Target family, because it’s really in a league of its own. This is something new and refreshing, not another mindless rehash of an older product.

Vaporesso Target 200 Starter KitThere’s only one thing that keeps me from completely falling in love with this mod—that raised 510 platform! It’s a small gripe, and it’s nothing more than a matter of personal taste, but I can’t seem to get past it. I just keep thinking how good some of my 24/26/28mm attys would look on it if not for that one design choice. I do have other options that pair up perfectly, so it’ll remain in my rotation long after this review.

To sum it all up, if you like the design, I’d highly recommend picking one up. Much like the highly famed Gen, pictures are incapable of doing this one justice. It’s not until you hold it in your hand that you understand what all the fuss is about.

It’s not uncommon for successful companies to rest on their laurels and allow innovation and a passion for excellence to fade from the playbook. The TARGET 200 might not be a perfect 10, but it’s a good indication that, despite their success, VAPORESSO is still on the upswing. I’m excited to see what they come up with next.

Jeremy V LogoJeremy V.

My name is Jeremy and I’ve been writing for VAPE.DEALS since early 2016.  Digging for deals is what I do!  I’m a former 15-year smoker and will always be grateful that I found vaping when I did.  This site played a key role in my journey.  It kept me interested and excited about vaping during those first crucial months away from cigarettes.  Now, my ambition is to pass along that excitement to others; to help people make the switch and never return to combustible cigarettes.  This industry is important and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions: [email protected]

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