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Verdict Vapors Super Sunday Sale – 50% Off E-liquid

Verdict Vapors Super Sunday Sale – 50% Off E-liquid

Here we go again!  As most of you already know, Verdict Vapors has a Super Sunday Sale every week.  You can get an extra 50% off your entire order when you apply coupon code “SUPERSUNDAY” at checkout.  After the discount, the 120mL twin packs are $12.50, so you’re basically paying $6.25 per 60mL bottle.  That’s a solid deal in my book.  I’ve tried 10 of their flavors at this point…and I’ve re-ordered 8 of them!  Seriously, these guys make some fantastic e-liquid.  Highly recommended.

They have 26 flavors available from all 5 of their lines: Badger Hill Reserve, Mega E-liquids, Mints Vape Co., VRDCT, and Zen Haus.  My personal favorites are Chocomint, Brown Sugar, Peppermint, Rainbow Cookies (I’m vaping it right now!), American Way, Lemon Tart, and Blueberry Crumb.  You can check out the flavor profiles down below.

Use Coupon Code: SUPERSUNDAY (expires 11/14/21)


Verdict Vapors Flavor Profiles:

Badger Hill Reserve

  • American Way: A blend of 3 classic tobacco styles normally found in the Virginia-Carolina tobacco belt
  • Brown Sugar: Our proprietary tobacco blend along with equal parts light and dark brown sugar
  • Classic: Tobacco with lightly roasted spices, and a touch of sweet cocoa
  • Menthol: A fantastic array of tobacco and a refreshingly cool menthol finish
  • Milk and Honey: A beautiful harmony of our best tobacco blend then layered in warm honey and a deliciously sweet milky finish

Mega E-liquids

  • Apple Crumb: A sweet and savory apple baked in brown sugar with hints of cinnamon in crumble pie crust
  • Blueberry Crumb: Sweet ripe blueberries and brown sugar baked in a warm savory crumble pie
  • Coffee Donuts: Premium roasted coffee with the perfect amount of chocolate doughy deliciousness
  • Gummy Tarts: Gummy candy with a sweet & tart sugary coating
  • Mango Rush: A juicy fusion of fresh mangos and white peach
  • Mango Rush ICE: A juicy fusion of fresh mangos and white peach with an icy cool finish
  • Watermelon Rush: A juicy fusion of mouthwatering watermelon and sweet strawberries
  • Watermelon Rush ICE: A juicy fusion of mouthwatering watermelon and strawberries with a cool menthol finish.

Mints Vape Co.

  • Chocomint: The taste of sweet, decadent chocolate with a refreshing and invigorating hint of mint
  • Peppermint: An after-dinner classic – red and white mints!
  • Spearmint: An authentic spearmint taste
  • Wintergreen: Designed to give you that fresh feeling that you could expect with wintergreen flavored candy or a mint

VRDCT (Verdict Vapors)

  • Lemon Tart: A zesty lemon custard baked in a flaky crust
  • Pink: This flavor can best be described as a mixture of pink chewy candies and a hint of pink melonade
  • Rainbow Cookie: Rainbow sherbet infused sugar cookies
  • Strawberry Cream: Diced strawberries, fresh cream, and marshmallows
  • Strawberry Limeade: Perfectly blended Hawaiian strawberries and lime with a refreshingly cool finish

Zen Haus

  • Meditation: An invigorating blend of grapefruit, watermelon, and jackfruit
  • Nirvana: A unique blend of mango, passion fruit, and strawberry
  • Rebirth: A nice mixture of nectarine, raspberry, and apple
  • Serenity: An exotic blend of mangoes, sweet golden pineapples, and tropical coconuts

Verdict Vapors Sampler Promo (5x 10mLs for Free!)

Verdict Vapors Sampler Promo (5x 10mLs for Free!)I was just over at Verdict Vapors and noticed that this deal was still going.  I thought I’d give you a quick heads up in case you didn’t catch my original post.  They’re running a Try Before You Buy promo right now.  All you have to do is complete a very short survey (it takes less than a minute) and they’ll automatically generate a unique coupon code for you.  You can use that code to pick up 5x 10mL sample bottles for FREE!  Even I couldn’t pass up a deal like that 😊

Shipping isn’t free, but they’re offering a special rate for this promo: only $2.99.  So, you’re basically paying $0.60 per bottle, which is still a crazy deal.  Not sure which flavors to try?  You can check out Lukas’s Zen Haus Review HERE, his Badger Hill Review HERE, or his Mega E-liquids Review HERE.

PLEASE NOTE!! This program is for you to try up to 5 different flavors. If you purchase multiples of the same flavor with your coupon code we will cancel the order.

Complete Survey for $20 Store Credit!

Verdict Vapors – Complete Survey for $20 Store Credit!Does anyone want $20 for taking a 2-minute survey??  That’s almost too good to pass up!  Head over to Verdict Vapors and take advantage of this offer while you can.  They’re currently working on their PMTA applications and need some feedback from the vaping community.  Just click the link on the homepage and answer a few short questions.  After the survey is complete, you’ll receive a unique coupon code for $20 off your next order!  I’ve already done this myself and it took no time at all.  The best thing is that they immediately generate the coupon code for you, so you won’t have to wait and/or check your spam folder for an email.  I have no idea how much longer they’ll be running this promo, so take advantage of it while you can.

[UPDATE] This offer has expired.

We need you! As part of filing for a PMTA application with the FDA, we need your assistance in providing more information into how vaping has helped you and can help others. For a limited time, fill out our survey and receive a coupon code for $20 store credit.

About Verdict Vapors

As the industry evolves, so will we. Verdict Vapors prides itself in being a leader in innovation and safety of a better alternative to tobacco. We have taken the following steps to bring you the highest quality e-liquids on the market.

Our Juice

  • Certificate of Conformity (GCC): 30mls, 60mls
  • Produced in an FDA registered facility
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • All flavors have been tested by Global Laboratory Services, Inc. and are below quantitation limits of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl
  • 99.9% Pure Nicotine
  • Pharmaceutical grade VG

Our Flavors

Our flavors were conceived by one of Orange County’s top rated Wine Sommeliers. His goal was to create flavors that were complex, yet balanced with a long finish. We only source, what we believe to be, the best flavorings in the world.

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