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Wismec Reuleaux RX G Kit (PRE-ORDER) $49.99

Wismec Reuleaux RX G Kit (PRE-ORDER) $49.99

Here’s your chance to score a killer deal on the Wismec Reuleaux RX G starter kit if you’re willing to wait a little bit.  I was over at Sourcemore and I noticed that they have them on sale (as a pre-sale) for $65.03.  But, act with the quickness and use the coupon code “RXGK” at checkout and the final price drops to just $49.99!  Not a bad deal at all considering that you’ll get a 100 watt single 18650 mod bundled with an adjustable bottom airflow tank with a 4.7ml e-juice capacity.  Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments down below.  And, don’t wait too long to get your preorder in since I don’t know how long the coupon code will last. #justsaying

Use Coupon Code: RXGK


Reuleaux RX G Kit introduces cyberpunk design to make it unique and eye-catching. It features a single 18650 replaceable battery with 100W max output. The AI Tech can automatically match the best power and record your usual setting. With 5V/2A USB Type-C fast charging, it ensures that Reuleaux RX G is always charged and at the ready. It can also work with Reuleaux RX G Tank which is designed with top filling system and adjustable bottom airflow. In addition, Reuleaux RX G Tank has an e-juice capacity of 4.7ml and is fit for Wismec WX 0.2/0.5ohm coil which is made of AST steel materials. Wismec Reuleaux RX G Kit certainly can provide you with different vaping experience and great flavor. Just get it.


Wismec Reuleaux RX G Features / Specs:

  • Cyberpunk design, unique and eye-catching
  • Supports to change the different battery sleeve
  • Different lighting color setting, a gorgeous visual feast
  • AST technology to boost the best flavor
  • AI Tech to match the best power and record your usual settings
  • Single external 18650 battery with 100W max output
  • 5V/2A USB Type-C fast charging for better use
  • 0.96 inch vivid color screen, red/green/blue mode available
  • Spring fire/fire lock/hidden regulatory button to suit your preference
  • Top filling system, 4.7ml e-juice capacity, adjustable bottom airflow
  • Compatible with Reuleaux RX G Tank/Wismec WX 0.2/0.5Ω coil
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  1. FML, this box is so popular, Damnt!!! Wow cigabuy got this too…ahhhh

    • You do know that this isn’t the dna 200 version, right? Because this box isn’t very popular, but the dna 200 version is. Just don’t want you to buy it thinking that it is the DNA 200 version and be disappointed.

  2. This price is very good but what do you think the chances are it will be cheaper in the upcoming days? (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) Should I wait? Or buy it now?

    • tough to say. more than likely you’ll be able to find it a few dollars cheaper if a good coupon code is released. $41.99 is one hell of a deal though. I didn’t check but it you have to pay for shipping with this deal… chances are better you might be able to get it cheaper during a bf sale.

  3. U were saying lol that’s a clone website lol

  4. cigabuy is a fake website they took my money

  5. If this company is a ripoff how do you guys at vape deals still advertise for then ? I bought this box because you guys posted this buy now I’m worried they are gonna rob me American deals sites should not be referring Americans to websites that rip us off, just a rant

    • Take it with a grain of salt. Even fasttech has a low rating of that site. Looks like China vendors get no love cause of the shipping times. But the prices are hard to beat. We have been posting deals for cigabuy for a few years now.

  6. What was wrong about what I said? It isn’t the DNA version, and at the time the DNA version had been out for a bit, and was really popular. Then the rx version came out around the time of this posting, and was not very popular as of yet. The rx is a pos (Are owning the DNA version for about 7 months, it is garbage too. They are both have super crappy fit & finish. I made a mistake buying a Chinese mod. I bought it the first week it came out, but should had passed on it. I just bought it because it was a cheap dna 200. The rx goes for about $40, and if you factor in the board choosing ~$5, the chassis is about $35. Even if Wismec was passing retail for the dna board, the dna Reuleaux should be around a hundred bucks, not the $170 I paid. They basically charge you $135 for the dna board in comparison with the Wismec board on the rx Reuleaux.

    TLDR: They are BOTH poorly made. The DNA version is ~$110 cheaper (add of now in May 2016). Wismec was chasing you ~$135 for just the dna board. (At the time of the original post.



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