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Wotofo Cog MTL RTA from SMM – Full Review!

Wotofo Cog MTL RTA from SMM – Full Review!

Disclosure: The Wotofo Cog MTL RTA in this review was provided by our friends over at Wotofo.  For a limited time, you can use coupon code “VapeDeal15” to get an extra 15% off your order (one use per customer / excludes bundle deals).


At the beginning of my vaping journey, I was strictly a mouth-to-lung vaper.  I used cartomizers, clearomizers, and the rest of that early tech that makes it a wonder I’m still a vaper today.  Eventually, I moved on to sub-ohm and rebuildables.  At that point, I had become thoroughly committed to vaping and never touching a cigarette again.  I was building big, hitting high watts, and chucking clouds (Don’t say it Shane.  You’re a 42-year-old man, don’t say it)……… BRO!  (You’re going to end up alone and lonely, you know that, right?)

A couple of years ago, under some unmemorable stress, I was jonesing for a cigarette.  Instead of caving, I dug out my old Totally Wicked Odyssey (a little mouth-to-lung carto tank and mech mod) and filled it with high nicotine eliquid.  I saved myself from smoking and reignited an appreciation for mouth-to-lung vaping.  Lucky for me, and a detriment to my wallet, it seems the vaping world has also rediscovered mouth-to-lung vaping.  Pods, disposables, and mouth-to-lung RTA’s were taking over and I did everything I could to keep up!  (Alone and broke too??)

When Jeremy told me Wotofo was sending me the Cog MTL RTA, I was stoked.  It had just been released and I was very curious about how Matt from Suck My Mod would go about an MTL RTA.  After all, we tend to share similar opinions on vaping styles.  After a relatively short wait, considering the state of everything coming out of China, it arrived.  I wicked it, juiced it, and vaped it.  After some of these minor details, I’ll tell you what I think about it:

Wotofo Cog MTL RTA Features / Specs

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 34.2mm
  • Collaboration with Wotofo and Matt from SMM
  • Colorways: Stainless Steel, Black, Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, and Rainbow
  • Max E-liquid Capacity: 3mL
  • Top Fill Design
  • Stainless Steel and PCTG Construction
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control
  • 510 Delrin Drip Tip
  • Single Coil Build Deck
    • Spring-Loaded Clamps
    • German PEEK Insulator
  • Transparent Bottom Design
  • Innovative Gear Airflow Mechanism
    • Adjustable Internal Air Inlets: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm
  • Package Includes: Wotofo COG MTL RTA, Cotton Strips, Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil 0.8Ω, Round Wire Coil 1.2Ω, Screwdriver, Spare O-rings, and User Manual


wotofo cog image2The Cog’s tank is made with clear PCTG (fancy plastic), while the chamber, build deck, and fill cap threads are made of stainless steel.  Here it is important to note, in the package is a caution card warning that the PCTG cannot withstand high temperatures, so wash with cold water only.  It’s a good-looking cap and it’s nice to see your liquid levels.  The Wotofo Cog only comes with one tank, unlike many others on the market that come with a spare, so don’t lose it, break it, or apparently, wash it with hot water.  The tank does seem durable though.  It was my work partner for more than a week.  During that time, it met the concrete twice and it still looks good.

The 510 drip trip is very nice, in my opinion.  It has a small airflow passage and the shape is somewhat curved and comfortable.  I can’t say the drip fared as well in the involuntary drop tests.  It came out a little chipped but still useable.  A nice feature here is, that being a standard 510, you can replace it with any 510 you like.

The “Cog” Airflow Design

wotofo cog image0The innovation on the Wotofo Cog MTL RTA is in the airflow.  While you do have adjustments on the outside of the deck, which are labeled, easy to turn, and nice and clicky, the actual changes are happening on the inside.  Under the airflow to the coil is a gear, “the cog,” that turns with the adjustments you make on the outside.  If you look at the bottom of the RTA you can see the gear turn as you go through the airflow adjustments.

The idea here is that your preferred airflow size should be as close to the coil as possible.  This maximizes the air pressure coming in and hitting the coil.  Most RTA’s have the airflow coming in from just outside the build deck.  By the time it gets to the coil, it’s lost all that direct pressure aimed at the coil.  It’s definitely innovative, which is refreshing and probably more challenging than you think.

Building and Wicking

The deck is very easy to build, even with a small MTL platform.  The clamps for the coil legs are spring-loaded and open at either end.  The springs reduce, if not eliminate, any wrestling with the clamps when you’re working with a tiny coil.  Since both clamp posts are open at either end it doesn’t matter which direction the coil is wrapped or facing.  I think even a beginner would find building this RTA simple and easy.

For the first build, I used the provided 2.5mm Clapton coil (because I like my coils like my plastic: fancy!).  I used my own cotton because I always save the provided cotton for little vaping bug out kits.  Here I will note that the cotton provided looks to be just a general sample.  It would have been nice to see cotton with aglets measured for the coils that were included.  I know you have them Wotofo!

Everything went according to plan until the actual vaping.  In my experience, using the included coils at 2.5mm didn’t offer enough cotton to properly fill the juice ports.  I was getting a lot of flooding, and ejuice always tastes better vaped than drank.  I wrapped a 3.0mm coil and installed it.  Voila!  No more flooding!  The juice ports were too large for the amount of cotton that can fit in the 2.5mm coil.  Luckily, the 3.0mm coil fits between the clamp posts.  It does not appear anything larger than 3.0mm will fit.

The Vaping Experience

After the flooding issue was resolved, the RTA performed well.  There were no leaks or spit back and the flavor was pretty good.  The Wotofo Cog is very durable and made a good work companion.  My issue, however, is with the airflow.  On an MTL setup of any kind, I like a tight draw, something at least tight enough to resemble the experience of smoking a cigarette.  I can’t say I got that from The Cog RTA.  At its smallest airflow setting, it was a medium to loose draw.  At this setting, I want to have to pucker like I’m dragging off a well-packed cigarette.  Keep in mind this is totally subjective.  What I might find loose, you might feel is a very tight draw.

On the topic of airflow settings, I noticed as I was going through each setting, there is no discernible difference between the two largest airflow settings.  They were equally airy.  While I would never vape at these settings anyway, a vaper that considers this a tight MTL draw would appreciate being able to dial in with accuracy the amount of airflow they need.  The top two airflows, as they operate now, are just fun little extra clicks circling around the base of the RTA.

There are some vapers out there who like a tight direct lung experience using a 510 drip tip.  I think this RTA would perform well in that arena.  You can fit a 3mm coil, it has large wicking ports, and at 3ml of ejuice capacity, you could go a decent amount of time between refills.


    • Good looking RTA
    • Easy to build
    • Durable tank
    • Nice click to the airflow settings
    • Coils provided
    • Decent juice capacity
    • Innovative


    • Tank floods using provided 2.5mm coils
    • No spare tank provided
    • Included cotton is not measured for the coils, nor do they have aglets
    • Loose airflow for an MTL RTA
    • Top two largest airflow settings give the same experience
    • Doesn’t quite achieve the innovation it was attempting

Wotofo Cog MTL RTA – Final Thoughts

cog image3I have been following Matt with Suck My Mod for a long time now.  I’ve even laughed with him when people make fun of his little mouth.  I was on board with him when he thought about giving up the name Suck My Mod.  I’m still on board with that, Matt.  Super on board.  Maybe it was his freakishly little mouth that gave me hope for this RTA.  After all, you can’t picture a big ol’ yapper really appreciating a tight draw MTL vape. It just wasn’t tight or restrictive enough for me.

Though it may not be my perfect vape, I do think some of you will appreciate it.  A beginner who doesn’t have a lot of experience building (or if this was their first RTA) would enjoy this piece.  If you like a loose MTL draw or a restrictive direct lung vape, this might be for you.  I do appreciate it when anyone tries something new in the vaping world.  It keeps our world evolving.  I just don’t think Wotofo and SMM hit the mark with this one.  The beauty of all these options for us means there is something out there that will hit every mark for you.  It also means I will remain poor…


Shane is a former smoker turned vaper, and now a hobbyist in financial turmoil. His get rich slow scheme involves sharing his opinions, educated or not, on anything vape related.  But first and foremost, his belief is vaping will save your life.  Shane is an outdoor government employee and fully expects the crackdown to begin with him, since he vapes freely and openly, albeit politely, and often uses city property for the backdrop of his vape photos. In his free time, he enjoys stressing about being more productive and regretting every terrible decision he has ever made. He feels switching to vaping is one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

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