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Wotofo Profile M RTA – Full Review!

Disclosure: The Wotofo Profile M RTA in this review was provided by our friends over at Wotofo.  For a limited time, you can use coupon code “VapeDeal15” to get an extra 15% off your order (one use per customer / excludes bundle deals).


Wotofo and Joel are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mesh rebuildables. My first rebuildable was the original Profile RDA when I transitioned from sub-ohm tanks. I loved it from the moment I took my first puff.

History of the Profile Line

Wotofo and Joel #MRJUSTRIGHT1 released the first Profile RDA in 2018. It contained a revolutionary new deck design for installing little strips of Kanthal. I was skeptical alongside a lot of other vapers. It turned out to be an outstanding little flavor banger with explosive cloud production. This blew the vape industry’s socks off because normally you’ll lose flavor with more cloud production, but this was not the case with the Profile.

They then moved onto the Profile 1.5, which was bigger than the original but came with newly designed mesh strips under the name NexMESH, NexMESH CHILL, nexMESH TURBO and nexMESH EXTREME.

The Profile Unity RDTA then was released which, in my opinion, was one of the greatest RDTA’s on the market at the time. It was tall and sleek and gave the appearance of a high-end device but at an affordable price.

Next was the Profile RDTA which used steel cables to feed the liquid straight up to your wicks. This was an old idea but executed perfectly. It also could be broken down and reconfigured as an RDA and a squonker. No extra accessories needed to be purchased, it was all in the box ready for you to use.

Now we have The Wotofo Profile M RTA and I hope it lives up to its exceptional predecessors.

The Wotofo Profile M RTA

Wotofo Profile M RTA

The Profile line is full of bangers and the Profile M lives up to the brand. It has gone down a different path than the previous releases when it comes to aesthetics, but as soon as you build it and take your first puff you can tell it’s a Profile. Wow, my love affair with the Profile has been reawakened and I cannot put it down.

I know I sound like a lovesick puppy, but I am so excited to share my thoughts with you about this one. Let me get back on track and explain everything about it.

What is in the Box

Disclaimer: This is what I received in the box I was sent. It may differ from the release packaging

  • Wotofo Profile M RTA
  • Instruction Manual
  • Extra Drip Tip
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Spare Screws
  • 3 Pieces of Cotton
  • 3 Mesh Strips
    • Classic Wotofo M A1 Mesh Strip
    • nexMESH A1 Mesh Strip
    • nexMESH Clapton S Mesh Strip
  • Coil Bending Tool
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Frosted Bubble Glass

All packed up in the classic black and green Wotofo packaging which we all know and love.

Wotofo Profile M RTA Packaging and Contents


  • Base Diameter: 24.5mm
  • Height: 27.8mm (without drip tip & 510 pin)
  • Max E-liquid Capacity: Straight Glass 3.1mL | Bubble Glass 4.0mL
  • Top Filling Design
  • Adjustable Top Airflow System
  • Clamping Mesh Build Deck
  • German PEEK Insulator
  • 810 Drip Tip Compatible

Design of the Wotofo Profile M RTA

If you look back at the previous Profile products, they are very bright and in your face. The Profile M RTA design, on the other hand, looks sophisticated and sleek.

It’s like the Profile decided to stop wearing snapback hats and hoodies and went down to Saville Row and treated itself to a tailor-made suit. Never judge a book by its cover, underneath the snazzy sleek look it’s still the feisty bloke it always has been.

Profile M and Odin 100

It’s a lot shorter than the Unity and the Profile RDTA, so you don’t have to worry about it being top-heavy. I am running it on the Odin 100w and it looks perfect.

There is no big logo etched on the side, the whole RTA is clean with only Wotofo Profile M etched onto the airflow band. If I am honest, I didn’t even notice this until I was vaping it for a week. All the branding is located on the underside of the deck around the 510 pin, which also allows the device to look more mature and unassuming.

Drip Tip

Wotofo went for a slammed down drip tip which keeps the RTA looking sleek and very pleasing to the eye. It has an artistic black and white resin look to it which adds to the overall appeal. I put a longer drip tip on it, and it didn’t work well at all. 10 out of 10 for choosing a drip tip of the perfect size and shape.

I feel that a lot of vaping products are tailored to vapers in their late 20’s – early 30’s when it comes to designs/colors and size of the products. The Profile M would be a godsend to the vaper who wants something they can use when out on business or out with friends at a swanky bar.

I prefer the look with the straight glass as it follows the design lines perfectly for my taste. The bubble glass is still great but purely for the extra liquid capacity, not aesthetically.

The Build Deck

The Profile M uses the classic build deck for all the Profile Line. It is a two-clamp system in which both ends of the mesh are inserted after you bend it around the tool provided. Under the mesh is a ceramic deck that is spring-loaded to help push the cotton up against the mesh.  

To build the Profile M, all you need is included within the packaging (pictured above). I am using a Coil Master screwdriver as I find them easier to use than the little one provided.

The Previous Spring Issue Has Been Fixed!

In the previous Profiles, I have always taken out the spring and have put one spring in. This is only because I felt that the spring does not push the cotton up enough to stop the dry hit. With the Wotofo Profile M, I have not had to do this. I believe the spring is stronger than the previous ones they used. I’m getting perfect pressure across the whole mesh strip and, most importantly, no dry hits!

I love the fact that Wotofo has gone for the bottom feed liquid well. I’ve had consistent saturation of the wicks on both sides. You know it’s good when you see the bubble train along both sides after a good couple of rips. This always gives me a sigh of relief that the wicking is good and I won’t dumping a full RTA’s worth of liquid down the sink just to get the wicking right.

Wotofo Profile M RTA Build & Wicking Tutorial

  • The first thing you need to do is bend your mesh around the black bending tool included within the packaging.

Wotofo Mesh Bending Tool

  • Insert the mesh into each of the clamps, make sure that the mesh is straight and not leaning over as this will increase your chance of hot spots and dry hits. It must have an even curve as shown in the picture below.

Wotofo Profile M Build Deck

  • Push your cotton that is provided through the gap between the build deck and the underside of the mesh, making sure you do not warp the structure of the mesh strip.

Profile M RTA Wicking

  • Make sure you cut your cotton at an angle as shown, tuck the bottom of the cotton into the juice well, then juice her up good, making sure all the cotton is saturated.

Wotofo Profile M Wicking Guide

  • Finally, put your tank on and fill it up.

Profile M Top Fill System

Build Quality & Components

As explained above about the aesthetics, the build quality sings from the same hymn sheet. The quality of the metal used, the attention to detail and the machining of the product are outstanding. The threads glide when unscrewing the base. We have all bought products where the threads are crunchy, and it makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

So much attention to detail was made when designing this product, I feel that Joel and Wotofo should be immensely proud of themselves.

Fill Port

You may have noticed that they went for the push-slide fill port rather than the quarter-turn style used on the Unity RTA. I do like the slide fill port but felt that there should have been a way to lock it. I worry it will slide open in my pocket and pour the liquid into my trousers.

Here is a visual aid to help you understand the difference between the fill ports

But alas they added a membrane to the fill port to stop liquid seepage in case the fill port opens by accident.

I decided to put my science jacket on and performed a little experiment. I filled the Profile M with liquid, opened the top cap and turned it upside down, and left it for an hour. This was to see if the membrane would hold up. To my surprise, it worked well. Yes, a couple of drops came out, but nothing like it would be if the membrane were not installed. I was expecting a river of lemon doughnut on my desk…but only got a mere smattering.


The Wotofo Profile M has a lot of different parts, which is surprising for such a small RTA. I have broken down all the components to show you every component. I hope you are as amazed as I was when I broke it down.

Wotofo Profile M RTA Parts and Pieces

The Vape Experience

As expected, the vape experience differs from the three mesh strips Wotofo provided me with, so I will go through them individually. As you can tell I love to go on about things, so will keep this short and sweet.

NexMESH A1 0.13

It states best between 60W -70. I found that the sweet spot is 63W but have tested it to 85W with no issues.

  • Great Flavour – brought out notes in my liquid that I did not notice on other devices.
  • Medium to high cloud production.
  • Even on the higher end of watts, the flavor was not muted, which was a pleasant surprise.

NexMESH Clapton S 0.15

It states best between 55W – 65W. I struggled to find a sweet spot, but I have been floating between 50W and 56W. I have re-wicked the Clapton mesh at least 5 times and it was a complete pain to get right. It easily dry hits, especially with the cotton provided within the package. I decided to use Cotton Bacon and used a thicker piece as I felt it may have needed more. This helped a little bit and stopped the dry hits, but I noticed that the Clapton muted the flavor from my liquid.

[My Issue with The Clapton Mesh]

I changed the liquid to my own DIY liquid. It has extreme ice concentrate which normally gives me a brain freeze as it’s that cold. The Clapton mesh managed to mute it enough that it turned in to a cool vape.

I do not know if it was just a bad strip, as it’s mass-produced there is a chance that this is the problem. I was really looking forward to trying this Clapton mesh strip, but sadly, I was not impressed by it at all. It’s probably just a ‘bad batch’ and I will be purchasing more to verify that.

Classic Wotofo M A1 0.18

It states best between 60W – 70W. I found that anywhere between 65W to 70W is the sweet spot. I predominantly stayed at 68W. It was chucking flavourful clouds and hit like a 21700 mech with a 0.1Ω coil on it. After sitting with it for a couple of hours and with two tanks of liquid, I found myself picking this up rather than my mechanical mod. I am not saying it’s a replacement for it, but the vape was out of this world.

The experience I got from this mesh blows the other mesh out of the water. This is by far my favorite mesh strip of the ones I received. The clouds were so dense and consistent, and the flavor was on point.

Airflow System

This little RTA is just full of surprises. It took me a while to work out how the airflow works, but I got to say Wotofo and Joel hit a home run with this one.

Inside the chimney, there is a honeycomb on both sides which is positioned to hit the mesh strips perfectly on either side. The air comes in from the slits on the airflow ring, then down the slanted path towards the honeycomb. The honeycomb perfectly splits the air so it smacks the mesh perfectly and equally.

Got to Love the Honeycomb Airflow!

I have taken out the chimney airflow part to show you how this is constructed.

Honeycomb Airflow Chimney

The honeycomb chimney helps smooth out the airflow giving the Wotofo Profile M RTA with a quiet, smooth, and consistent flow of vapor. I was worried that the airflow would become turbulent due to the design but was pleasantly surprised with the performance. Perhaps other RTA’s will take a leaf out of Wotofo’s and Joel’s handbook and copy the design on future devices.

I have been leaving the airflow half-open due to not being a fan of massive airy vapes. The airflow adjuster works a treat. Every millimeter you close or open, you can feel a difference in the restrictiveness of the system without changing the smoothness of the draw.

My Thoughts and Opinions

As you can probably tell by my review, I love the Wotofo Profile M. But there are some things you should keep in mind…as well as a few things that ‘annoy’ me about this RTA.

If you purchase one, which I think you should, you will need to keep in mind that it does go through a lot of liquid extremely fast. I find myself filling it at least twice a day. Taking into consideration that when building mesh RTA’s, RTA’s, or RDTA’s, you will need to stuff a lot of cotton in between the mesh and deck. It takes a good 2-3mls of liquid to fully saturate the wicks before you can attach the chimney and start filling.

As your tank empties you will inevitably panic that you are low on liquid and start filling up again…but wait, turn the tank upside down and another 3-4mls of liquid will appear. There is a large liquid cup under the build deck that feeds the tips of your wicks. I got a further 6 to 8 big puffs before I could taste the cotton drying out. I wouldn’t say it was a design flaw, but it’s something to remember not to panic about, especially if you are like me and start filling up when your liquid level drops below the halfway mark.

The Slide Fill Port Issue Explained

The fact that Wotofo went for a slide fill design bums me out a bit because I found that a lot of the short fill bottles struggled to get into the port. This, in turn, meant that when the nib of the bottle was pulled out of the membrane it would pull the rubber gasket away from the device. It’s the little things like this which ‘annoy’ me and makes me think that it could have been designed or thought through a little better.

I decided to go on #MRJUSTRIGHT1 social media page to try and see if there was any reasoning behind the membrane design and slide fill port. To my surprise, Joel had an explanation for the design choice. He stated it was to stop the build-up of pressure within the tank which would displace the cotton within the build deck. This, in turn, would pull your cotton out of the wicking port that will then flood your build deck.

Wotofo Profile M RTA – Final Thoughts

#MRJUSTRIGHT1 has always put his heart and soul into all the products he releases. You can tell when you have the product in your hand, break it down, and have look at all the components. This, combined with Wotofo’s love for good quality and great machining, are a force to be reckoned with. I have never been disappointed with anything with Joel’s name attached to it.

I will continue to use the Wotofo Profile M RTA regularly and I am looking forward to #MRJUSTRIGHT1 and Wotofo’s next project together.

**As I finish typing this, I am still chucking flavourful clouds around my living room. I’ve been on the fast train to flavor town all day and do not want to get off.

Adam Sloane

Adam Sloane

Vaping was the only way I managed to quit those stinky, deadly combustible cigarettes. I can’t thank the community enough for being such great people, helping me through the plethora of different devices, liquids, and vape science. I love getting my hands on new and old devices and breaking them down to see how they work. As I build my own coils, I like nerding out on airflow positioning and coil position for the greatest experience possible. Come join me on my adventures taking deep dives into the latest devices on the vaping scene.

Come say hi to me on Instagram @thecloudcarteluk

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