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Tantra Mechanical Mod (Authentic) $157.50


I guess today is the day for my Authentic mod loving GOTSMOKIANS. I’ll start this deal off by saying the retail price for the Tantra Mechanical Mod, if you can find it in stock, is 245 bucks. So you’re basically saving a hundo on this deal. Now onto the stats for the …

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Skyline M1 Mechanical Mod by Ameravape $215.00


Authentic mods are limited or hard to find and this mod is no exception. There are hardly any online vendors carrying the Skyline M1 mechanical mod by Ameravape who are the same people that brought us the Manhattan. Keeping the fact that you can’t find this mod in consideration and …

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IPV3 150 Watt (In Stock) $145.00

The IPV3 150 watt mod has hit the virtual shelves over on the bay. This is the only place I know that has these in stock. Keep in mind there are only 8 units in stock which makes this an extremely limited deal people. The deal also comes with free …

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Hu Man Fog Machine Hex Ohm $156-195.95


VaporKings just placed the Hu Man Fog Machine Hex Ohm in two different versions. They have the 50 watt version for $156.00 and the 110 watt version for $195.95. And both are available in three different button colors: black, white & red. I can’t find any coupon codes of discounts …

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Vapewell G Mod/RDA Atomizer $80/190.00


VaporDNA just placed the Vapewell RDA Atomizer & G Mod in stock and ready to ship. The Vapewell costs $80 & the G Mod costs $190 after using the coupon code “5OFF” at checkout. FREE SHIPPING and a bottle of MP e-liquid is also included with purchase. Check these out. …

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Xpro BT50 Box Mod By Smok $115.00


I’m seriously amazed on how fast the vape industry has been innovating the products. A year and a half ago… an eGo twist was cutting edge. 3 months ago… 30 watt devices was StarTrek material. Now… 150 to 180 watt devices are becoming norm. So what’s next? How about the …

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GI2 Style 100 Watt Box Mod $138.95


Let me start this off by saying that I know you can get the GI2 Style 100 Watt Box Mod for 15 bucks cheaper from China but we all know it can be pretty frustrating to wait for it. With that being said, I came across this over on the …

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Titanium Provari (Limited Edition) $269.95


I special limited edition Titanium Provari has popped up on the Provape website.  And, as you can bet it comes with a steep price. $269.95 to be exact. Definitely not a mod for #teamcheapmod. But, I’m sure that there are some Provari fans out there who appreciate the heads up. …

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