101vape Battery Deals (Sony, Samsung, LG)

If you’re ever looking to replace some of your older batteries, 101vape is usually one of the best places to start.  I was just digging through their selection and found a lot of really nice deals on some of the best batteries out there.  Plus, you can still use coupon code “101VAPE” to get an additional 5% off, which makes these deals even better.  For example, you can pick up a 2-pack of Sony VTC5 18650’s for only $11.39 or a pair of VTC4s for $8.54.  Check out the list below.  And keep in mind that shipping is FREE (USPS Priority) on all domestic orders over $75.

101vape Battery Deals Price Preview

  • $7.59 (pair) LG HD2C 18650
  • $8.54 (pair)
    • LG HE2 18650
    • LG HB6 18650
    • Sony VTC4 18650
  • $9.49 (each)
    • Efest IMR 20700
    • SANYO 20700 NCR20700B
  • $9.49 (pair) LG HE4 18650
  • $11.39 (pair)
    • Sony VTC5 18650
    • Samsung 25R5 18650
  • $12.34 (pair)
    • Sony VTC5A 18650
    • LG Brown HG2 18650
  • $13.29 (pair)
    • Sony VTC6 18650
    • Samsung Pink 30Q 18650

Use Coupon Code: 101VAPE



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