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Asmodus Luna Squonker BLOWOUT

Asmodus Luna Squonker BLOWOUT $29.99

If you dropped $100 on an Asmodus Luna Squonker when it first hit the market, this deal is probably going to annoy you (sorry!).  But, if you still don’t own one, you’ll probably be glad you waited.  Sourcemore just dropped their price down to $29.99!  That’s a stabilized wood squonker for under 30 bucks…crazy.  They still have a nice variety of colorways in stock too: purple, red, black mosaic, white mosaic, and red mosaic.

Asmodus Luna Squonker Features/Specs

  • Dimensions: 82 x 46 x 26mm
  • Uses a Single 18650 Battery (not included)
  • Constructed of 6063 Aluminum Alloy and Stabilized Wood
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.1Ω
  • 6mL Squonk Bottle
  • UL-80-JX Chipset
  • LED Indicator Light
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.1Ω
  • Maximum Output Power: 80W
  • Output Voltage Range: 3.3 – 4.2V
  • Maximum Output Current: 27A
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Negative Polarity, Low Voltage, 10s Cutoff, Short Circuit, Chip Temperature

$29.99 @Sourcemore


$35.00 @Cvapor


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement