avidartisan daedalus pro

Avidartisan Daedalus Pro Coil DIY Kit $35.99

The best coil jig on the market just got even better.  The new Avidartisan Daedalus Pro features an improved coiling jig and clamp, USB charging, an additional wire guide for fusing multiple wires, and it even comes with a 100’ spool of Lightning Vapes Wire.  To summarize: it’s just better! =)  Efun has a pretty solid deal going right now too.  It’s listed at $37.99, but the price drops down to $35.99 after you log into your account.  That’s easily the lowest price I’ve seen yet.

*It’s also worth mentioning that the Daedalus V1 Coil Jig (no drill) is on sale for only $9.99.  Check out the link below.

Avidartisan Daedalus Pro Kit Includes:

  • Daedalus Pro Drill (Batteries Not Included)
  • Smart Coil Jig
  • Tool Clamp
  • 3x Magical Clapton Tool
  • 2x Metal Wire Guides
  • 2x Swivel Coast Locks
  • User Manual
  • 2x Screw Nuts
  • 2x Springs
  • Lightning Vapes Nichrome 80 40AWG (100’)

$35.99 Avidartisan Daedalus Pro Coil DIY Kit


$9.99 Avidartisan Daedalus V1 Coil Jig



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