BK-3550 Ultrasonic Cleaner (35W/50W) $26.95

We don’t feature too many ultrasonic cleaners here at VAPE DEALS, which is surprising since it’s one of those items that I simply couldn’t live without.  They just don’t go on sale very often, I guess.  But, when I saw this HUGE price drop over at Fasttech, I decided it was worth sharing with you guys.  The BK-3550 Ultrasonic Cleaner was previously priced at $53.51…but now you can bring one home for only $26.95!  That includes Worldwide Free Shipping too.  Of course, this isn’t the fanciest ultrasonic cleaner on the market, but it seems like a great option if you’re looking for something in this price range.

BK-3550 Ultrasonic Cleaner Specs

  • Display: LED
  • Power: 35W / 50W
  • Voice Value : <35 dBA
  • Capacity: 500 – 700mL
  • Working Times : 3 – 5min
  • Ultrasonic Frequencies: 40Hz


  • Not showing ‘free shipping’
    The lowest is USPS First-Class at $18.84.
    Total cost rises to 45.79.

    • Looks like you’re right. Sorry, I wasn’t aware that fasttech changed their shipping policies.


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