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candy pop

Candy Pop 100mL (5 Flavors) $19.99

Here’s a pretty good deal for fans of Candy Pop e-liquid out there in the VAPE DEALS community. It looks like the city has all 5 flavors in stock and on sale for $19.99. That’s about $10.00 off the MSRP and pretty much the cheapest I can find it right now. Don’t wait though. I’m pretty sure that this is a limited time offer.

Candy Pop Flavor Profiles:

  • Blue Raspberry Hard Candy: Raspberries gone blue! A pack of blue raspberries shows up to a hard candy party and never left, now the party can be vape and a festive occasion of the senses.
  • Grape Chew Candy: A succulent experience that brings out the best in grape flavored ejuice. A tasty formula that balances all of the key players perfectly to leave you with a crisp and clear lip licking flavor experience.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Hard Candy: A berry rich and watermelon experience so good you’ll wish you were spitting out seeds. Clouds of flavor abound, with flavor that stays with you long after you set your vape down.
  • Peach Gummies: Ripened peaches perfected to the date and a gummy semi taffy base that just absorbs that peach flavor and puts it back out in ridiculously delicious vapor.
  • Sweet Mint Gum: The naturally cooling flavor of spearmint with a gum base meets an ultra sweetness that plays well with each.


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement



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