LG HG2 18650 3000mAh Batteries $9.99 (pair)

lg hg2

Some of the best batteries for vaping just got even better…and by better, I mean cheaper!  =)  101vape has the Brown LG HG2 18650 batteries on sale right now for just $9.99 for a pair.  I think that’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen on these.  This is a limited …

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Praxis Banshee, TFV4 Mini, Samsung Bundle $99.99

praxis banshee

The City has just placed a bundle featuring the brand new Praxis Banshee in stock and ready to ship. In addition to the Banshee… you’ll get the Smok TFV4 Mini (full kit) & a pair of Samsung 18650 batteries all for $99.99. Plus, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING thrown in. Considering …

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LG 18650 Battery Sale @101Vape (Up to 65% Off)

lg 18650

The LG 18650 Battery Sale is back…and it’s even better than last time!  It’s because of deals like these that 101vape has become my go-to battery vendor as of late.  They’ve got some seriously low prices going, starting at just $7 for a pair.  Along with Sony and Samsung, LG …

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Sony VTC6 18650 3000mAh Batteries (Pair) $18.99

sony vtc6

If you’re looking for some long-lasting batteries to power your device, you should definitely check out the new Sony VTC6.  These are 20A/3000mAh batteries, comparable to the LG HG2 and Samsung 30Q.  In fact, in a 3000mAh Battery Shootout, Mooch ranked these #1.  And when it comes to testing/rating batteries …

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Asmodus Snowwolf 218 Bundle $149.99

asmodus snowwolf 218

Here’s a pretty nice weekend bundle for those planning on picking up the Asmodus Snowwolf 218. You might already know that the MSRP on the mod is $149.99. And, that’s what this bundle is priced at. But, the city is also throwing in 3 Samsung 18650 batteries, a TFV4 tank …

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101vape July 4th Battery Sale (50-65% Off)

101vape just announced that they’re bringing back the battery sale.  That’s not much of a surprise though, because these guys have been absolutely spoiling us with their battery deals lately!  I’m totally stocked up now, but with these prices, it’s almost too good to pass up.   No coupon code is …

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Tempest Super Tank Battery Bundle $99.99


Our friends over at the City has dropped their price on the Tempest bundle to $99.99. Not a bad deal for those looking for a hard hitting setup with great battery life. The bundle includes the mod, plus your choice of the 22mm or 25mm super tank mini AND three …

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RX200s, TFV8, Samsung Bundle $95.00


Here’s a solid bundle based on the RX200s. In addition to the RX200s… the city is throwing in the brand new TFV8 as well as three Samsung 18650 batteries. And they are doing it all for the price tag of $95.00 with FREE SHIPPING included! Plus, both colors of the …

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