Chi You By Mojo (Laser Etched) Clone $27.00

When we first posted the Chi You By Mojo clone it sold out in just a few hours! And that’s with mis-spelled and off centered logos. Imagine how fast they will sell out if the logos are correct, centered and laser etched! Do I even have to say how fast you need to act on this deal? Especially since it’s at the same price as the previous one? OK… add this Chi You by Mojo clone to your cart now and check out with the quickness. I’m telling you, your gonna regret it if you don’t. This is a guaranteed sellout!


  • Alex

    I ordered mine:):)

    • Sweet… me too =) let us know how you like it when it lands.

      • Alex

        Will do:)

  • Josh

    Ordered this ASAP before the vendors gutted the deal or FT hiked the price $8 (as is traditiona, lol)

    Any chance you can track us down some silver pins for these? AKA Vapors was carrying them for around $7 but mysteriously are gone today 😉

    • You read my mind… I was just on AKA looking for a silver pins deal but no luck. Anybody out there have some info where to track some down?

      • Josh

        I will keep an eye out. My group on Facebook, E-CIG RBA FANS is also on the hunt, so if they have any luck, I will pass it on.

      • Thanks… keep us in the loop.

      • Josh
      • Dang got me all excited when I clicked the link before i read the rest of your comment… hahaha.

      • chris

        If ur n Downey ca a vape place pins vaporlogist

      • scratchyratchy

        if your a member on calivapers… there’s a GB on the silver pins… look for @2wonderflow… he manages the GB’s for the ss/brass fake-yous, silver pins, and upcoming nemisis clone…

      • Marques

        I found a website nirvana vapor and they carried it. Unfortunately, i literally just bought the last one in stock. Hope they restock again.

  • CosmicCharlie

    Just ordered mine! Silver pins would be awesome, any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • JT

    Just ordered mine a few minutes. 🙂

  • Jay

    im on a group buy on Calivapers for a brass chi you clone and 2 sets of silver pins, the guy is charging $3 a set, but i believe Calivapers forums are down at the moment

  • DL Ford

    Silver plating is actually pretty easy to do oneself,
    I’ve done it recently with a AA battery, distilled water, silver coin, silver nitrate (very very little), and a couple electrical clips, turned out quite well. 🙂 Just do some googling 😛

  • dollabill

    If you guys want silver pins, all you have to do is buy a silver plating kit off amazon and do it yourself. It’s the same thing and you can silver plate all your other mods.

    • I might have to look into that.

    • Alex

      @dollabill What is the name of the silver plate kit you are referring to? I see so many which one do you recommend or have you used that works ? And will I have to use any type of electric current bath to achieve this plating method you are speaking about?

  • JT

    Finally, it’s getting shipped today 🙂

    • I know… I got my notification earlier today too. Now… just have to wait.

  • Raul Martinez

    Heads up guys. There’s a group buy on the calivapers forum for silver plated pins for the Chi you clone. Hop on it before it meets MOQ. there’s also a group buy for brass chi you clones on the same post.

  • Roland chin

    Do you sell chiyou silver contact pin only? please quote me the price and shipping charges to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

  • Voodoo Rex

    Sorry just been vaping a little under a year so forgive the newb question. Is there a huge difference between brass and silver pins? If so what exactly is the difference. Thanks!

    • Only difference is the conductivity of the material. That being said… the difference would be most obvious the lower that you build your coils.

  • JT

    OMG! OMG! Got’a love vapemail. GOT MY MOD! everything said exactly in the description 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Damn… beat me. Looking out my window for the mailman myself. Is it awesome or what?

    • Got mine in too… awesome MOD! Really considering picking up another one as a backup. And, I”m definitely picking up a brass version if/when they get in stock. =)


    I got mine a few days ago.
    I think the 510 threads could of been a little tighter.
    Other than that it hits hard and it is a really nice and solid device for the money .
    I also ordered some silver pins in a GB.

  • Daniel

    Got mine today. All I can say is…awesome! Built a 0.9 ohm coil in my oddy clone and it hits like a beast. Gonna get some noalox from lowes tomorrow and will look in to taking it in to get the pins silver plated for some mega low ohm drip bliss. Get this mod if you haven’t already. I’ll probably get another if available after I receive the nemesis. You won’t be disappointed.


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