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Cvapor Geekvape Bottom Price Sale

The team over at Cvapor just gave me the heads up on the Cvapor Geekvape bottom price sale that just went live. Basically… they have priced all Geekvape items at their lowest prices. Plus… you can use the coupon code “GEEKVAPE” at checkout to enjoy an additional $1 off. =) Seriously… I don’t know why they even bothered with a $1 off coupon code. But, I guess I wouldn’t complain about saving a little bit more money.

Use Coupon Code: GEEKVAPE


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement


  1. Brad Epperley

    To whom, exactly, is $38 for a top airflow Geekvape Eagle a low price? I don’t know where Cvapor is located, but the Engrish on their site indicates they’re in China. I could beat that price at 2 of the first 3 brick-and-mortar stores I went to here in town without calling ahead to check their price. Next time they give you a heads up about a sale, tell them they at least have to match Gearbest’s regular prices or it isn’t worth posting.

    That’s four minutes of my life wasted that I won’t get back. At least I know to NEVER visit Cvapor again.

    • Hi, Brad. Yes, Cvapor is China vendor. And, I totally agree with you: $38 for a Geekvape Eagle is pretty ridiculous! =) But just like any other sale, it always depends on what you’re looking for. They’re never ALL going to be winners. But to be fair, several of CVapor’s prices are significantly lower than even Gearbest’s Flash Sale prices:
      Ammit Dual $21.80 vs. $27.99, Karma Kit $33.29 vs. $35.99, Mech Pro Box Kit: $43.39 vs. $71.20, Medusa $16.99 vs. $25.99, Medusa Reborn $19.99 vs. $33, Peerless $16.50 vs. $20.99, Peerless Special $18.98 vs. $27.99.

      If you weren’t looking for any of those items, then it may have been a waste of your time. Sorry about that, but there were still some good deals in there. Besides, it’s only 4 minutes, right? =)



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