Hana Modz Pack v2 (DNA 20) PRE-SALE $250.00

DNA 20 controlled MODs are the future of vaping. I mean come on… who doesn’t need 20 watts when they vape. =) OK, maybe not all of us… but for those of you in the market for a DNA 20 MOD, you know how hard they are to come by. Some mods (like the nes) even have wait lists that are months long. Well, with the VaporDNA Hana Modz Pack v2 pre-sale… you’ll only have to wait a couple weeks. And… there’s no “after-market” mark up either. That being said… the discount codes will not work on the Hana Modz Pack v2 pre-sale either. Hey, you wind some and you loose some right? =)



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