Kamry K101 Mechanical MOD $25.18

The Kamry K100 Mechanical (also known as the Empire Clone) has took the vape scene by storm. The has a great reputation of being a solid MOD with great performance and at a great price. Well, Kamry has upped one-upped themselves and improved on their Empire clone. Introducing the Kamry K101. It’s been a hard MOD to find in stock… up until now. Our friends over at Exhale has just put the Kamry K101 in stock and they are ready to ship. And at $25 a pop… you better believe these are flying out their doors so don’t wait too long to click that add to cart button!

Use Coupon Code: May10



  1. This price makes this mechanical MOD a no brainer… Abe is going HAM with his pricing lately!

  2. Deal’s dead… that was quick… but, since the price was so low… it’s no surprise that the deal didn’t last long.


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