Kayfun Clone (Rocket Rebuildable Atomizer) $13.37

You know all about the Kayfun and it’s high end clone the Russian & the Russian 91%. And, you may also know that these devices go for anywhere between $90-200+. Seriously… $200 dollars for an atomizer. That’s kinda crazy to me. Well, Fasttech just released a cheap version of the Kayfun clone. Keep in mind that there is also a EHPRO version for around $50 that seems to be much better quality. But for $13.37… this Kayfun clone is easy to cop and won’t break the bank. Now… if it can perform anywhere near as good as the original… this just might be worth it. Who’s down to be the guinea pig on this one to let us know the details? =)



  1. I think I’ll pass on this one, unless the rave reviews come pouring in. I kinda like the other RBA they posted today, except for the whole dancing swastika design.

    • “except for the whole dancing swastika design” lol… yeah, kinda made me not wanna post it even though it looks pretty solid besides the whole swastika thing.

  2. Hi guys ,
    I have purchase that one at my local store here in copenhagen.
    To be honest ive tried both of them kayfun 3.1 and rocket.
    Interm of quality build no need to discut but in terme of vapor production and taste wow .
    perform exactly the same and for about 10 times cheaper of the original one you just cant go wrong 😉
    And dont judge a book by his cover im telling you;)
    Have a nice vape peepz;(

  3. I got one Rocket atomizer, works really good and I pay $40 two weeks ago here in u s vendor. Now for $14 getting another one 🙂


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