Kraken RBA Atomizer Clone $12.42

If you’ve been looking to cop the Kraken RBA atomizer clone… especially on the cheap… I’m sure you’ve looked at Fasttech. The problem is… Fasttech has been sold out and isn’t re-stocking for about 15 days. Well, your in luck. Focal just put the Kraken RBA in stock. And the price… just $12.42 after using the coupon code “GOTSMOKFOCALECIG”. And, FREE shipping is included but upgrading to tracking is highly suggested. Hey, the price is cheaper than Fasttech and will ship sooner too. Can’t get much better than this if your looking to buy it on the cheap.



  • Potts

    What would be the best options on Eva’s for the evic. I’m looking for more vape production and flavor. I use the I clear 30 when on the go and wanted to try rba

  • joshi

    ^^^ genesis style atomizers are old tech by now. try a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) like igo-l, nimbus, phoenix etc, you get the most customizable experience out of rebuildables. and of course the most vapor production of all atomizers. later on you can try a kayfun (for even more flavor). happy days 🙂

  • The-Nectar

    Genesis style is definitely not old tech. Yes it’s been around for awhile, but the advances in them are bringing them back to the top. SS cable with Ekowool sleeve is a great wicking system and a lot easier than mesh. Plus on a genny like the Kraken you can easily build to hit like a dripper but you don’t have to drip. I wouldn’t ever recomend using any rebuildable on an eVic though. Protank or Aspire BDC.

  • Rick Cutcliffe

    Can anyone here verify that this clone is polished SS and not chromed ?

  • Shane Asay

    The discount code discount on checkout wasn’t valid. The price also.came up as $15,, not the $12 price advertised.

    • Deal was posted 12/23 of last year…

  • Sharon Eft

    Then what is up with who ever posted this in the first place?

    • ubersole

      The coupon code was valid at the time this was posted, which was last year. Check the newer pages for a more viable option for you.

      • Sharon Eft

        Ok maybe I’m just moran, can you point me to the newer pages, as all I see it right….


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